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  7. Finland Fujitsu's Patja services to manage 3,000 desktops of Suomen Terveystalo

Finland Fujitsu's Patja services to manage 3,000 desktops of Suomen Terveystalo

Fujitsu Services Oy

marraskuuta 20, 2007

Finland's leading private health care services provider Suomen Terveystalo Oyj and ICT services provider Fujitsu Services Oy have entered into a collaboration agreement on IT infrastructure services, applying Fujitsu's Patja operating model.

The Patja managed services will encompass all in all some 3,000 desktops at more than 150 Terveystalo clinics in Finland. In addition to availability and on-site support services, the agreement includes mobile services, server maintenance, product services and license management services. Along with the agreement, two IT experts will transfer from Terveystalo to Fujitsu's payroll.

”We were looking for a desktop and server services provider last spring. There was a twist in the process in the summer, when Terveystalo acquired Medivire Occupational Health Services. An integration project of our operations is still under way, and a uniform IT infrastructure is crucial for a successful merge," says CIO Juha Wilkman of Suomen Terveystalo.

”Medivire has a newly signed Patja agreement with Fujitsu. These managed services answer our needs perfectly, and we have been informed of Medivire's previous positive experiences with Fujitsu's services. They largely sealed our decision to expand the agreement to cover the entire group," Wilkman says.

The Patja agreement, which was signed at the beginning of November, ignited extensive development and start-up projects to entirely replace some of the desktop environment, to standardise all desktops and the group's IT solutions. The number of servers will be mapped out in a consolidation project and their operations will be integrated and brought into a controlled environment. Terveystalo will be increasingly acquiring its server capacity as service, which will essentially reduce the need for in-house servers.

Further information:
CIO Juha Wilkman, Terveystalo, Tel. + 358 40 8266 132
Sales Manager Raimo Puranen, Fujitsu, Tel. + 358 500 411 391
Press Contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, Tel. + 358 45 7880 9624, satu.pelttari(at)

Suomen Terveystalo Oyj is the leading healthcare services provider in Finland. The Company offers healthcare, occupational health and hospital services for corporations and private individuals from more than 150 offices across Finland. Throughout its history since 2001, Suomen Terveystalo has grown potently. Its turnover for 2006 amounted to 88.9 million euros and operating profit to 5,1 million euros. The company's stock is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange under the ticker code SUT1V.
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Date: 20 marraskuuta, 2007