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  7. Finland Fujitsu offers Digita’s Wireless @450 Broadband Network for businesses

Finland Fujitsu offers Digita’s Wireless @450 Broadband Network for businesses

Fujitsu Services Oy

maaliskuuta 30, 2007

Digita will launch a wireless @450 broadband network at the beginning of April. At this stage, the Digita network covers the entire southern area of the Helsinki-Turku-Tampere axis, as well as the area between Oulu and Vuotso in Lapland. The network will cover the entire country by the end of the year 2009.

Fujitsu Services Oy provides the new broadband network as a service to its customers – businesses and other organisations.

"The new network aroused interest even before it was launched, and it is now being tested by 25 of our customers. The network is particularly suitable for companies and other organisations that do a lot of mobile fieldwork, such as the forest industry, transportation companies, construction sites and harbours. As an information network solution, the new network removes the limitations of the GSM network and the instability of the ADSL network. With the help of a wireless broadband connection, it is possible to obtain, for example, clear images from surveillance cameras at construction sites. Implementation is extremely easy, because we distribute wireless network access as a service. The customer pays a fixed monthly fee for our services, and the required equipment can be rented through us as well ", says Fujitsu’s Senior Development Officer Juha Korsimaa.

Digita’s Flash-OFDM-technology -based @450 broadband service offers new opportunities to locate new wireless WLAN network base stations in locations where it has not been possible before. In addition to mobile targets, the network can be extended to areas that have no other broadband services. Benefits of the @450 network include efficient data transmission speed and smaller delays than in the mobile telephone network, which is evident for the users in, for example, much quicker file transfers.

@450 broadband is a new, wireless 450 MHz frequency digital mobile communications network. It brings wireless broadband data connections to consumers in both cities and rural districts. @450-broadband’s advantage in comparison with other wireless data networks is a more extensive coverage. @450 network speed and short delays enable the use of fewer Internet-based services. With access to a full-blown network, the consumer will have a mobile, wireless broadband at their disposal that offers high-quality data connections regardless of location.

@450 broadband terminals are imported by, for example, Brightpoint Oy. Terminals are modems plugged to a computer: card modem (PCMCIA) or data modem (Ethernet/USB).

Further information:
Juha Korsimaa, Senior Development Officer, Fujitsu Services Oy, tel. +358 45 7880 1025

Digita Oy is a leading radio and television broadcasting company, and a considerable data network service provider and network infrastructure developer. Digita’s customers include, for example, television and radio companies and mobile and broadband operators. Digita’s turnover in 2005 was 97 million euros. Altogether 380 people work for the company. Digita is a part of the international TDF Group. For more information:

Date: 30 maaliskuuta, 2007