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  7. Finland Fujitsu to Provide City of Tampere with Document Management

Finland Fujitsu to Provide City of Tampere with Document Management

Fujitsu Services Oy

huhtikuuta 11, 2006

Fujitsu Finland will deliver the city of Tampere a document management system. Fujitsu will also integrate it in a SAP archive application and implement interfaces from it to e-mail and the Internet.

The new solution is built on Documentum content management system. Fujitsu partnered up in this project with Triplan Oy whose decision-making system this new solution will be integrated in.

The city of Tampere employs 16,500 people with 9,000 workstations. Hundreds of thousands of saved, shared and archived documents are generated each year.

"The city was in desperate need for proper document management. We've had such systems for some offices but now it was high time to have a centralised document management system that would allow a comprehensive search function, for example. Having our documents just saved is not enough, as we need a system covering our entire document management process", says CIO Teppo Sulonen of the city of Tampere.

Further information
CIO Teppo Sulonen, city of Tampere, tel. +358 20 716 6347
Sales Manager Juha Jokinen, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 4278

Date: 11 huhtikuuta, 2006