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  7. Finland Fujitsu and Nokia Join Forces in Routing Mobile Calls over WLAN

Finland Fujitsu and Nokia Join Forces in Routing Mobile Calls over WLAN

syyskuuta 19, 2006

Phone calls are to an increasing extent transported over IP networks instead of traditional fixed lines. Fujitsu and Nokia have developed a solution that allows seamless use of GSM and WLAN networks.

Wireless Local Area Networks are quite common in big cities and within organisations. Thanks to the new solution mobile phone calls automatically roam between WLAN and GSM networks. This means that phone calls are cheaper and connect faster. Furthermore, user availability improves as they can be reached at one single phone number. The system also includes device authentication and voice encryption. There have also previously been various ways to switch between networks. However, each switch required specific actions from the user. Fujitsu utilises a Nokia-developed product which detects mobile phone presence in the WLAN range and automatically transports phone calls over it.

"Technology has seen radical development over the past years, having an immense impact on organisations and the telecommunications industry. Communication is increasingly taking place in IP networks. In the future, the network connection of a device will be secondary to the user. Each device will incorporate several methods of connectivity, inevitably involving several operators, as well. Without automatic solutions users would not be able to utilise the advantages offered by different networks," says Fujitsu Senior Development Officer Juha Korsimaa.

"The new solution standardises the phone systems in companies and organisations. It is incredibly flexible and easy to use. And what's best, it saves you money on each call you make," Korsimaa points out.

"Nokia is actively involved in developing both mobile devices and software solutions to support this fast, technology enabled evolution. New smart phones together with new software capabilities are now conveniently connected into the complete IP-based solution," says Markku Rauhamaa, Vice President at Nokia Ventures Organization.

This is a global solution, available through Fujitsu. Fujitsu offers the solution as part of the Patja outsourcing service, particularly for their telephony and contact service customers.

Further information:
Fujitsu Services Oy Juha Korsimaa, Senior Development Officer Tel. +358 45 7880 1025
Nokia Ventures Organization, Communications Tel. +358 7180 45792 Nokia, Communications Tel. +358 7180 34900

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Date: 19 syyskuuta, 2006