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  7. Finland Fujitsu and Medixine Join Forces in Palm Authentication Solution

Finland Fujitsu and Medixine Join Forces in Palm Authentication Solution

Fujitsu Services Oy

huhtikuuta 18, 2006

IT service provider Fujitsu Services Oy and software company Medixine Oy expand their collaboration in healthcare. Fujitsu's mPollux PalmSign authentication application will be integrated in Medixine's healthcare applications.

mPollux PalmSign, a biometric authentication method designed by Fujitsu Finland, is used in Fujitsu's PalmSecure palm authentication device. Palm authentication is a reliable and easy-to-use authentication method, which is based on analyzing the vein patterns on a palm. Two identical palm vein patterns do not exist, not even with identical twins.

E-services are to an increasing extent used for searching healthcare information, which places huge requirements on them. Firstly, reliable and secure user authentication is of utmost importance. Secondly, authentication method must be user-friendly for it to be unambiguous and easily accessible for every user. The price of a single authentication event also has to remain at a low level, as the systems are built for massive user bases. Furthermore, the authentication method shall fulfill the different requirements of both the healthcare professionals and the customers.

The PalmSign solution will at first be applied in Medixine's health measurement kiosks. The palm authentication device is connected to a PC. Authentication takes place simply by putting a hand over the device, which uses infrared light to analyze the vein pattern, defines the user's access rights and opens the application – all in a few seconds.

"The measuring kiosk is useful for instance in large workplaces where the occupational health service wants to monitor employee wellness. The kiosk solution enables employees to monitor their blood pressure or weight while the information is stored in the system, accessible for the healthcare staff", describes CEO Tapio Jokinen of Medixine.

Medixine is specialized in electronic healthcare solutions, such as e-booking, e-health center, secure communication between patient and healthcare staff, and Citizen's user interface to their personal healthcare information.

Further information:
Systems Architect Petri Heinälä, Fujitsu, tel: + 358 045 7880 1929
CEO Tapio Jokinen, Medixine, tel: + 358 9 4520 020

Date: 18 huhtikuuta, 2006