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  7. Finland Fujitsu Provides Support Services for Metso Group's 8,000 Workstations

Finland Fujitsu Provides Support Services for Metso Group's 8,000 Workstations

Fujitsu Services Oy

joulukuuta 13, 2006

Global engineering and technology corporation Metso and ICT services supplier Fujitsu Services Oy have entered into an agreement on the provision of IT infrastructure services for Metso sites in Finland. The new five-year contract is an extension to a long-standing IT collaboration between the companies.

The Patja operating model, known as 4114 service at Metso, serves 8,000 workstation users at the group's 60 sites in Finland. "Our 4114 service works well, which is also indicated by our quality metrics. There was no reason for major changes in the service when renewing the agreement", says Vice President Pekka Pajalahti of Metso IT.

"The most significant change has been replacing the previous local agreements with a centralised model. Now we have one agreement by Metso IT, which enables us to develop the services more effectively. For this purpose we have set up development team which together with Fujitsu examines and discusses the tendencies of IT development", Pajalahti continues.

The new agreement grants Fujitsu a "Preferred Partner" position.

"Preferred Partner in this connection means that Fujitsu is our first choice as IT infrastructure supplier when implementing various IT projects. If we find Fujitsu's price/quality ratio best available, we will necessarily not go through a separate competitive bidding process", Pajalahti explains.

Further information:
Vice President IT Pekka Pajalahti, Metso IT, tel. + 358 40 5109 706,
Account Manager Tommi Österberg, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 4132

Metso is a global engineering and technology corporation whose net sales for 2005 amounted to approximately 4.2 billion euros. Metso's 22,000 employees in more than 50 countries serve customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, the energy industry and selected other industries. 36 per cent of the personnel are based in Finland. The largest production plants are located in Finland, Sweden, USA, Brazil, China, France, Germany, South Africa, Italy, and India.

Date: 13 joulukuuta, 2006