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  7. Finland Fujitsu Provides Centralised Remote Management for Mobile Devices and Services

Finland Fujitsu Provides Centralised Remote Management for Mobile Devices and Services

Fujitsu Services Oy

kesäkuuta 09, 2006

ICT services provider Fujitsu Services Oy has created a centralised system for remote management of mobile services.

A centralised system enables truly remote mobile device management. It can be used for installing applications, making application updates or configurations, or taking backups on mobile devices - without bothering the user.

Fujitsu's centralised remote management currently covers around ten Fujitsu's Mobile Enterprise customers, and the number is growing fast. The system operates globally.

"The management systems of traditional operators are inconvenient and cumbersome for the user. They are in many cases built on outdated technology and require all sorts of activity from the user. Many users find them difficult, because instructions tend to be insufficient and often in some foreign language, too. Inventories or backups don't necessarily even exist. Fujitsu's system eliminates all these deficiencies and saves the user from any extra trouble", describes Development Manager Markus Vartiainen of Fujitsu.

Automatically in the background

The remote management system for mobile devices functions similarly to the ones in the PC world. It is installed on the device where it functions quietly and automatically in the background. Application installations, backups, inventories and other routine activities are taken care by the management system from a centralised management centre. The system allows timing the activities to take place at hours when the mobile phone is typically not used, in the early hours of the night, for example.

"The routine functions must happen automatically without bothering the user. Similarly, there is no one pressing the buttons on a computer at four in the morning to take backups of it", Vartiainen compares. The system makes sure that the initiated actions will be completed. If, for example, the battery dies, the system knows how to continue application installation once the device has been re-charged and the power is back on.

"Remote screen capture familiar from PC help desk functions also in mobile devices. It allows resolving many problems remotely. The users save a lot of time not having to take their device for installations etc. and get it back later on", Vartiainen points out.

Comprehensive reporting Fujitsu's remote management system also offers an extensive reporting feature. It includes what devices, software and software versions the users have, and what has been done to them and how often. Reciprocally, it also provides information on who has performed actions on them, what and why. Besides management and updates, also file backups and restorations are performed safely and in a centralised manner.

The remote management system offers experts several different user interfaces, as in the PC sphere. Terminal devices can be used on a web based user interface, screen capture application or console view, which allows performing management actions in a centralised manner. Support actions can be performed through screen capture and inventories can be monitored from a web window.

User rights of the remote management system are divided into several categories, to grant each expert team access only to the area of the system required for producing their particular service.

Further information:
Development Manager Markus Vartiainen, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 5429

Date: 09 kesäkuuta, 2006