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  7. Finland Fujitsu Implemented SAP System to Hartwall

Finland Fujitsu Implemented SAP System to Hartwall

Fujitsu Services Oy

joulukuuta 18, 2006

The Finnish beverage company Oy Hartwall Ab, which is part of the Scottish & Newcastle Group, deployed a new SAP ERP system (ERP2004 ECC 5.0) at the beginning of November. The system is used for processing both order-delivery chain and financial administration. It has some 700 users. Fujitsu Services Oy had the overall responsibility for the project that was called Hartsi.

Hartwall's extensive order-delivery chain covers, among other things, sales, production and production planning, procurement and stock management, as well as distribution logistics which is vital for a beverage company. The project's specification phase started in January 2005, and the implementation project in August of the same year.

Specification for the Hartsi project was exceptionally thorough. The ultimate goal was the development and support of business processes through utilising the features of the upgraded system. The desired benefits were mapped out using a benefit analysis, and their realisation was monitored already during the implementation phase.

One of the prerequisites for a successfully implemented project was careful and detailed planning for which both the supplier and the customer put in a lot of resources. The plans were followed strictly during implementation, in which an important tool was Solution Manager, SAP's tool for creating business scenarios, configuration documentation and testing.

A teleselling application was built in the new system as a SAP portal, using SAP's new NetWeaver WebDynpro technology. It is one of the largest WebDynpro implementations in Europe.

Hartwall's SAP connects integrally to several mobile applications, one of which is Fujitsu's mProcess-based mobile terminal.

Further information:
IT Manager Ritva Korte, Hartwall, tel. +358 20 717 2356
Account Manager Tapio Miettinen, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 5165

Hartwall Ltd is the most versatile beverage supplier in Finland. The main brands are Hartwall Jaffa soft drink, Hartwall Novelle water and Upcider cider as well as Lapin Kulta, Karjala and Foster's in beers. Hartwall has a staff of about 1,000 employees, and produces beverages in Lahti and Tornio. The spring water bottling plant is situated in Karijoki and the headquarters in Helsinki. Our subsidiary Hartwa-Trade is a fast-growing importer and wholesaler of alcoholic beverages.

Date: 18 joulukuuta, 2006