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  7. Finland Fujitsu Developed Printing Management Service to Complement Patja

Finland Fujitsu Developed Printing Management Service to Complement Patja

lokakuuta 17, 2006

Fujitsu Finland incorporates printing management into its Patja operating model. With the new service, Fujitsu assumes the responsibility for the availability of the customer's printers and multi-purpose devices, establishing for the customer a managed printing environment with logistics and device services. The service is particularly suitable for the Patja customers who already have their IT infrastructure in Fujitsu's care.

Centralised printing management brings tangible cost savings, reducing device-related procurement, management, maintenance, accessory and financing costs. One point of contact offers the customer printing capacity tailored to the customer's needs. What is more, the customer avoids the arduous competitive bidding of suppliers.

"We are talking serious money here, as printing costs may consist up to three per cent of a company's revenue. Printing is a considerable cost also for the government. However, not much attention has been paid in controlling printing costs so far. In many occasions, printing related issues are managed in several different places: business units, finance units, facilities services or the information management unit. Taking certain controlled measures would make huge savings", Director Taija Engman of Fujitsu's Service Development says.

Fujitsu's customer in the retail industry has been piloting the printing management service for six months now. The initial assessment revealed that the number of printers could be reduced by half. The majority of printers were over-sized in relation to the printing capacity.

"In practice, printing management begins by relocating the printers, to have the right amount of capacity in the right place and the resources in proper use. Environment availability can be enhanced by management and monitoring methods. They provide important information for service management and maintenance", Taija Engman explains.

Printing management covers the entire HW life cycle from competitive bidding to scrapping. An assessment project is first run on the environment, according to which the organisation's printing environment is then optimised. The end users are subsequently provided with help desk, training and software support services, as part of the Patja service. The management staff are provided for instance with detailed surveillance reports to monitor the printing activity.

Further information:
Director Taija Engman, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 5622
Product Manager Gösta Baarman, Fujitsu, tel. 045 7880 1983

Date: 17 lokakuuta, 2006