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  7. Finland Considerable Savings in Roaming Costs with Fujitsu's Best Price Mobile

Finland Considerable Savings in Roaming Costs with Fujitsu's Best Price Mobile

Fujitsu Services Oy

toukokuuta 19, 2006

Fujitsu's Best Price Mobile service helps organisations with travelling people to decrease roaming cost.

Best Price Mobile, a part of Fujitsu's telephony services, automatically selects the least cost alternative for mobile calls. At best, it brings the user considerable savings. It pays to use the service if you travel even only one day per month, let alone more.

Best Price Mobile is particularly suitable for people travelling in the EU, Eastern Europe, Russia and North America.

While on travel, making calls is often more expensive than receiving them. When using Best Price Mobile, the caller's mobile phone selects the cheapest route to the receiver end. For instance, when a user with a Finnish mobile subscription calls from Germany to Finland, the mobile phone actually gives an order to the Best Price Mobile service located in Finland. It connects the call to the receiver and makes the call from Finland to Germany. All this takes place in the background - without the caller or receiver even noticing it.

Measurable Savings

Electonics company Orbis Oy has been piloting the Best Price Mobile service since February 2006. In addition to Finland, the company has sites in Sweden, Estonia, Russia, USA, China, and India. The company employs approximately 200 people in total.

"During the months of piloting the service, we achieved roaming cost savings of 35 to 49 per cent. We have made biggest savings using the Best Price Mobile service in calls coming from Hungary, USA, Estonia, Sweden and Germany", says Markus Nylander, Technical IT Manager of Orbis Oy.

Markus Nylander is also content with the clear-cut reporting feature of the Best Price Mobile service.

"Achieved savings are presented to us in clear numbers, which makes it very easy to sell on the service internally", he says.

Tailored for Mobile Enterprise and Telephony Services Users

Best Price Mobile is particularly useful for Fujitsu's Telephony Services and Mobile Enterprise customers.

Deploying the Best Price Mobile is as easy as pie. The user receives a text message to install the client on the terminal. New mobile phones have Best Price Mobile already installed on them. The service is in no way visible to the user. It may only take a few seconds longer to connect the call, as that's when the service searches for the best route.

"Our Sales Director in the US found the delay a bit odd at first, but he said he grew used to it in no time. He calls from the States to Finland on a daily basis", says Markus Nylander.

Further information: Development Manager Markus Vartiainen, Fujitsu, tel. + 358 45 7880 5429

Date: 19 toukokuuta, 2006