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Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand

Total mobile connectivity

to back-end systems

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand
Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand has 2,700 employees and is a full service provider of information technology and communications solutions. From strategic consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services, the company works with clients to consult, design, build, operate and support business solutions.

“Most importantly, the feedback from the field workforce on the new system has been excellent,” says Gene Echols. “In a recent survey of our engineers, all of them said they were ‘happy' with the new system, while over 70% said they were ‘delighted' with it, making their job easier, with less paperwork required, allowing them to spend more of their time visiting clients. Fujitsu's approach to centralised strategic control is unique, presenting a major shift in how incidents are resolved. By using a centralised call management system, it is able to provide a single point of contact for customers - a hub that can manage any incident in a consistent way."

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