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  5. The Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud digitizes the way of food production at the Iwata Smart Agriculture Project

The Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud digitizes the way of food production at the Iwata Smart Agriculture Project

"The Iwata Smart Agriculture Project was launched to create a strong agricultural base by ORIX Corporation, Masuda Seed and Fujitsu."

Iwata Smart Agriculture Project establishes a new style of digitally-enabled agriculture, helping to make Japanese agriculture stronger.

The customer

Launched in early 2016, the Iwata Smart Agriculture Project aims to co-create a new business model involving a number of operators who will combine their knowledge and expertise to establish an agricultural value chain focused on creating a strong agricultural base in the Iwata area of Japan. Three companies have embarked on this innovative agricultural project: ORIX, with its extensive agricultural products distribution network, the Masuda Seed plant nursery business with expertise in developing seed varieties, and Fujitsu, skilled in digital technologies.

The challenge

Despite booming exports, the Japanese agricultural industry faces a lack of resource in innovation as well as dwindling recruitment and global competition. It needs to find new, creative ways to maximize yield and exploit new varieties of produce.

The solution

Fujitsu has joined forces with ORIX and Masuda Seed to create the Iwata Smart Agriculture Project, which will establish a new style of agriculture that takes full advantage of digital technologies including sensors, networks and the cloud.

The benefit

  • Planned production based on customer demand will encourage the cultivation of new varieties
  • By acting as the agent between the market, producers, and nursery businesses, the project will help grow businesses
  • Enables remote, real-time monitoring of the climate in the greenhouses to ensure the most suitable environment for vegetable production

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Read the full Iwata case study (685 KB/A4, 2 pages)


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