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  5. Universitätsklinik Leipzig reduce latency to seconds without expensive upgrades

Universitätsklinik Leipzig reduce latency to seconds without expensive upgrades

"Our existing storage system was under a huge amount of strain when we virtualized our SAP environment, and response times were high. But we managed to reduce latency to just a few milliseconds by using SSD storage media in the servers."

Daniel Pfuhl, Head of IT, Universitätsklinik Leipzig data center

The customer

The Universitätsklinikum Leipzig (UKL) is a full-service hospital which covers the entire spectrum of medical care with the exception of cardiac surgery and paediatric cardiology. Over 6,000 people are employed across the hospital and its research and teaching departments at Leipzig University’s faculty of medicine (UML). The UKL is one of two full-service hospitals in the German state of Saxony, and is therefore an important center for inpatient and outpatient treatment in the region. Two data centers on the hospital campus form the core of its IT systems.

The challenge

During the hospital’s conversion to a virtualized data center infrastructure, it became clear that the existing storage system was not powerful enough to provide the fast response times needed for its SAP applications.

The solution

Using SSD storage media to further reduce read and write latency for CPU intensive applications following virtualization.

The benefit

  • No expensive storage capacity upgrades
  • Individual applications can be accelerated as needed

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