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Fujitsu's operation is based on processes that support the company's vision, values and strategy. These processes are as follows:

  • Core processes: Customer relationship management (including sales and the core processes of service management), project process and service process
  • Enabler processes: management, service development, competence management
  • Support processes support the implementation of the core and enabler processes.

The company's operations are developed in compliance with the principle of continual improvement by using the Lean philosophy and methods in all aspects of our operation. Each Fujitsu employee actively participates in the development of their own team and work, thereby increasing the value delivered to the customer. The improvement of processes is systematically monitored using process metrics. Our goal is to provide excellent customer experience.

Customer experiences and expectations are comprehensively studied in Fujitsu all the way from the executive opinions to end user experiences. The results of the studies are used at customer, industry and Fujitsu level. The results are systematically analysed and used in improving our operations.

Our goal is to find development areas and propose development projects to retain and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality certificates and recognitions

Fujitsu has been awarded the ISO/IEC 20000-1 certificate as the first IT services provider in the Nordic countries. The target of the certification is two Fujitsu's customer accounts, Patja services of Orion Oyj and Sohva services of Raisio Oyj.


This is an international standard for IT services governance and management. The certificate ensures that Fujitsu meets detailed requirements for providing services and developing them on a continual basis.

Fujitsu applies the requirements of this standard in its processes and in assessing them. The standard incorporates principles that are based on the ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited) model. Fujitsu also has the ISO9001 certificate that supports the operations of a service company in Finland.

Fujitsu's Core services and HR functions have been awarded the ISO/IEC27001 information security certificate. The certification also covers the Service Desk operation and user ID management in Tallinn and Tartu. This certificate ensures that the company has analysed key risks, prepared for them and has a high security level.

Fujitsu Finland Oy has the environmental system certification ISO 14001.


In 2014, Fujitsu Finland won first place in the large corporation category of the Recognised for Excellence competition. The competition uses the assessment criteria of the European Quality Awards, in other words, the EFQM Excellence Model. 

Organisations are assessed against nine core areas, covering the operations and results of the entire organisation. The assessment areas portray the organisation's operations, how the organisation self-assesses and improves its operations, and the results it has achieved.

Fujitsu has used the EFQM model in developing and assessing its operations since 2005.