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Fujitsu is committed globally as well as in Finland, nationally, to reduce harmful environmental impacts associated with business activities. Our aim is also to reduce the environmental load of our customers by providing them green ICT solutions.

In the research and development processes the environmental impacts of services and products are taken into account throughout the whole lifecycle. Attention is paid to manufacturing the products as well as materials used, energy efficiency and recycling.

Environmental responsibility at Fujitsu Finland has a long history. We have been collecting electronic waste since the seventies and we have had the ISO 14001 environmental management system since 1999. At present logistics and pre-installation centre holds the ISO14001 environmental certificate, whereby the customer's equipments are delivered and recycled in an environment-friendly manner.

The Patja service abides by green principles through automating data centre functions as well as virtualising and consolidating server environments.
Thin clients and other virtual desktop solutions save energy. The state-of-the art communications tools of the Patja service render working more efficient. For example, teleconferencing saves both time and energy.

Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Fujitsu Finland Oy is based on the environmental policy of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, environmental management standard ISO 14001, legislative and statutory requirements.

When evaluating the environmental impacts, our aim is to take into account the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities. We will monitor and update the environmental programme annually as a part of our strategic reviews.

Our aim is to utilize the knowledge of ICT by contributing to environmental responsibility of our own business practices as well as our customers.

Our management and our employees are committed to follow the laws and act on the benefit of the environment. We are committed to improve our environmental performance level.
Acting for the benefit of the environment is the responsibility of every one at Fujitsu Finland Oy.


We are working to reduce harmful environmental impacts associated with our business activities and working on preventing climate change. In our environmental activities we emphasise the reduction of energy use and the improvement of waste management.

We are also working to enhance the environmental awareness and commitment of our employees. We will actively present environmental friendly services and products to our customers.

We will take notice and communicate about the environmental impacts of our products and services. Our aim is to reduce the environmental load of our customers by providing them green ICT solutions. We will communicate actively about the environmental issues inside and outside the company.