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Fujitsu ejecuta los proyectos de almacenamiento desde la idea inicial pasando por la fase de planificación hasta la implantación completa.

IT Solutions for SMB IT Solutions for SMB

At Fujitsu we help SMBs manage their daily business by removing complexity and offering affordable, easy-to-use solutions combined with the right service. This enables them to invest in additional business applications and prepare for future trends that can help them to compete even better.

Hybrid Storage SystemsETERNUS DX

Up-to-date business-critical data inventories form the backbone of each and every enterprise. Online storage solutions from Fujitsu protect this data from loss and store it in a most cost-effective way.

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FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 S2 Fujitsu ETERNUS CD10000 S2 open rack

ETERNUS CD10000 S2 is a hyperscale, software-defined storage system designed to manage vast amounts of data. A configuration can start small and grow in line with the business. The architecture allows individual storage nodes to be added, exchanged and upgraded without downtime. Fujitsu integrates open source Ceph software in a complete and fully supported solution.

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All-Flash Arrays All-Flash Arrays

The fastest servers and network connections in the world are not much help if storage systems cannot read or write data at a rapid pace.

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Tape Storage Systems ETERNUS LT Family

Tape systems delivered by Fujitsu provide reliable and highly automated backup based on proven LTO technology combined with market-leading backup software.

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ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances

The Fujitsu ETERNUS CS data protection appliances, comprising ETERNUS CS200c, ETERNUS CS800 and ETERNUS CS8000, offer an outstanding data protection by aligning storage resources based on business priorities – and by this ensuring Business-centric Storage.

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Switches Brocade6520

Brocade switches help you make the most of ETERNUS Storage capability, delivering high reliability, high flexibility and high performance to Storage Area Networks (SAN).

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Storage software Storage Solutions

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of storage software products optimally integrated and tested with our device and solution portfolio to make efficient use of your storage base. The product range includes:

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Storage Virtualization Storage Virtualization

Perfecting Storage Virtualization - Fujitsu and FalconStor NSS

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ETERNUS Awards Cloud Awards

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Fujitsu Value Calculator App Fujitsu Value Calculator App

The Fujitsu Value Calculator is a simple to use App which helps to pick out the business advantages of the Fujitsu hardware and to find a server or storage system that suits your personal requirements

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