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Special input devices like AirCommand and Presenters

Wireless Presenter R400 Presenter R400

The Wireless Presenter R400 is designed with optimum usability in mind. A sleek, ergonomic shape is paired with easily locatable contoured buttons and a 15 meter wireless range for complete freedom of movement. This highly intuitive device also boasts an integrated laser pointer for maximum comfort and control during your presentations.

Remote Control RC900 Remote Control RC900

With the RC900 you can power your entire Media Center with one remote. You will feel right at home using the familiar, intuitive controls for all your digital entertainment. The friendly Media Center on-screen menus are specially designed for RC900 interaction, delivering a fun, engaging, and integrated digital media experience.

SpaceMouse™ Pro SpaceMouse™ Pro

Using the SpaceMouse™ Pro 3D mouse to navigate 3D models or environments is as simple as holding them in your hand. A slight movement of the controller cap delivers easy and precise control. SpaceMouse™ Pro is a companion to the traditional mouse and is operated with the free hand. Your traditional mouse hand is free to select, create and edit.