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MB86R11 'Emerald-L'

Exciting SoC (System-on-Chip) for Virtual Instrument Clusters, Re-configurable Dashboards and Car Navigation

MB86R11 combines the high-performance Cortex™-A9 CPU with four video inputs and up to three display outputs, enabling the high-speed image processing of video data I/O from these interfaces. For example, MB86R11 has made it possible using a single chip to develop a 360 degree wrap-around view system that synthesizes and converts a composite image of the surroundings of a vehicle in real time from the images of four cameras mounted on the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle. A function that automatically corrects the image contrast ensures high visibility at night or when employing the screen’s backlight. In addition, this function makes it possible to correct the image of TV or DVD video, making it crisp and bright. When displaying 3D maps in a car navigation system, graphics of not only intersections – which can already be displayed in high quality using existing systems – but also streets and scenery, can be displayed using higher-resolution textures.

MB86R11 'Emerald-L' Block Diagram

MB86R11 'Emerald-L' Block Diagram

Four Built-In Video Capture Functions: The four video input ports enable simultaneous processing of various different video images. The input function of up to 1,280 x 720 pixels, along with the enlargement/ reduction function and the function for converting moving images from interlaced format to progressive format, combine to enable the generation of images with minimal noise. Each video port can handle interlaced input of up to a maximum of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, enabling the input of digital TV images.

Three Output Display Functions and High-Speed 2D/3D Rendering Functions: It is equipped with 3 display controllers, 2 of which can multiplex and output 2 screens each, thereby accommodating up to 5 display outputs. With 8 display levels and an interlayer blending function, the outline of overlaid images on a background map screen dissolves, enabling images to blend into their surroundings. In addition, the ‘dither’ and ‘gamma correction’ functions enable high-quality images on displays with different resolution levels and colour properties. The built-in programmable-shader accurately renders light reflections and shadows, resulting in highly textured and life-like graphics images.

Built-In Image Enhancement Circuit: A built-in dedicated video processing engine makes adjustments for edge enhancement, chromatic correction, backlighting, and enhances the contrast of night-time footage, resulting in higher-quality video images. In addition, because backlight brightness is dynamically adjusted in accordance with the video stream data, power consumption for the system is reduced.

A comparison of the GDCs in the Emerald product family is available here.

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  • 3D Graphics Engine 'Arges' with general purpose, programmable Unified Shader
  • 2D Graphics Engine 'Iris'
  • Intended for use with OpenGL® ES 2.0 applications
  • SMID Engine (ARM NEON™)
  • ARM Cortex A9™ main processor
  • DDR2-800 + DDR3-800 memory support
  • 4 Video Capture Units (1x 1080p, 3x720p)
  • 3 Display Controllers
  • 12 bit A/D converter (500KS/s) × 2 channels
  • I2C (I/O voltage: 3.3V) × 5 channels
  • I2S (4 ports) × 2 channels/port
  • USART/UART × 6 channels
  • GPIO × 125 bits
  • SFI × 2 channels
  • Quad SFI × 1 channel
  • I2S × 4 ports (2 channels/port)
  • PWM × 12 channels
  • IrDA (Ver.1.0) × 1 channel
  • TS interface × 2 serial, 1 parallel channel(s)
  • 32/16 bit timer × 2 channels
  • UltraDMA (mode 0 to 4)
  • IDE66 (ATA/ATAPI-5)
  • Ethernet (10/100MBit)
  • CAN/MediaLB (3-pin)/Ethernet functionality
  • USB 2.0 support
  • Encryption Engine
  • Checksum Signature Unit (for ASIL)
  • Supports up to 24bpp TFT Panel (RSDS or TTL)
  • Embedded TCON (Timing controller)
  • DualView support
  • PBGA-544 packageTemperature range -40 to +85°C
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  • Click here to go to Fujitsu Semiconductor's homepage on YouTube.
  • Click here to see an interview featuring an Emerald based virtual dashboard cluster in YouTube.
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Note: The Part Number of this device was changed during the development phase. To avoid any confusion when referring to documentation, such as the Hardware Manual (Chip Specification), please note that ES1 and ES2 have the Part Number 'MB86R11', whereas ES3 and ES4 have the official Part Number 'MB86R11F'. If not explicit specified, all documents valid for ES4 are also valid for CS.

360° Wrap-Around View Factsheet

Scalable Solutions for Hybrid Automotive Instrument Clusters Factsheet

System Package for Industrial High End Graphic Display Applications Factsheet

BGA-544P-M04 Specification

Hardware Manual (for ES2) Rev. 2.40T, (2,393 pages, 37MB)

Hardware Manual (for ES3/ES4) Rev. 2.50F

Customer Information/Errata Sheet V1.25 (43 pages, 462KB)

Incompatibilities Emerald-L (ES1) > Emerald-L (ES2) (41 pages, 576KB)

Incompatibilities Emerald-L (ES2) > Emerald-L (ES3) (6 pages, 62KB)

Incompatibilities Emerald-L (ES3) > Emerald-L (ES4) (5 pages, 26KB)

Application Note (Optimizing Graphics Applications): Rev0.40 (18 pages, 252KB)

Application Note: Clock Setup (written for MB86R12 but also applies in full to MB86R11)

Application Note (for ES1/ES2): PCB Design Guide (DDR2 Interface) (19 pages, 362KB)

Application Note (for ES1/ES2): PCB Design Guide (DDR3 Interface) (19 pages, 408KB)

Application Note (for ES3/ES4): PCB Design Guide (DDR2 Interface) (22 pages, 524KB)

Application Note (for ES3/ES4): PCB Design Guide (DDR3 Interface) (23 pages, 543KB)

Application Note: PCB Design Guide (USB2.0)

User Manual Software Development Platform

IBIS model

Excel sheet tool to assist designs using pin multiplexing: Rev0.06 (15KB)

BDSL file for Emerald-L: Rev1.00 (7KB)

Link to Fujitsu Package Search website (please note that it is possible that new packages may not yet be in the database!)

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The Emerald-L Starterkit for MB86R11 'Emerald-L' has been discontinued.

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General information about software is available from the Software Guide. To directly access software downloads for this device, please read the disclaimer below and continue by clicking on the button displayed.

Click here to see the terms and conditions of the Warranty and Disclaimer for software downloads before continuing below.

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Ordering part number (GDC in lead-free package), Engineering Samples (ES): MB86R11FPB-ESE1

Ordering part number (GDC in lead-free package), Customer Samples (CS): MB86R11FPB-GSE1

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