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Chip Size Package (CSP)

Wafer-level CSP

Miniaturisation forces the use of new approaches in die packaging in order to achieve the smallest possible solutions. CSP is a summary of various package types, which have a common target:

The overall package size is only slightly larger than the silicon die within it.

Examples of CSP packaging types are SON, BCC , uBGA or FBGA / FLGA type packages.

Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)

FBGA packages typically use a reduced ball pitch of 0.8mm or 0.5mm, where super compact high pin count packages are required. A large range of ball counts, ranging from 48 to 500 balls, allow customers to chose the optimum package, e.g. fulfilling the size and weight limitations for Portable equipment.

The reduced ball pitch allows for significant size reductions

A special derivative of FBGA packages is the Stacked FBGA, which allows to stack multiple chips into 1 FBGA package.

Fine Pitch Land Grid Array (FLGA)

FLGA packages allow additional advantages over those offered by FBGA packaging. The thinner, lightweight and even more compact design shows advantages in mobile applications.

The package design, using PCB substrate in the interposer, offers premium secondary mounting conditions for FLGA packages.

FLGA packages are available as well as 0.5mm height packages.

FLGA Package

BCC (Bump Chip Carrier)

BCC packages are Lead free packages with high proof strength for lead free reflow process. Specific properties of BCC packages are:

  • Interposerless structure realizes lower mounting height.
  • Bump terminals with stand-off provides easy mounting.
  • Center pad for Ground connection & thermal enhancement (BCC++)
  • A High design flexibility for customizing.