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FASPK - Fujitsu ARM Based SoC prototyping Kit

Fujitsu ARM Based SoC prototyping Kit

The FASPK consists of a MB87Q1100 CPU board and a Xilinx XCV2-6000 based FPGA board. A further part of this kit is the “Reference Design”, represented in the mentioned Xilinx XCV2-6000 device. The reference design consists of the following modules:

  • External AHB interface
  • Multi Layer AHB
  • DMAC
  • APB bridge
  • GPIO
  • Internal RAM
  • Default Slave
  • Dummy Master/Slave

The MB87Q1100 platform chip contains an ARM926_EJ-S and an ARM946E-S core and therefore provides the features of a so-called dual core operation mode. The CPU cores run with 200MHz, the AHB bus with about 100MHz, the ABP with 50MHz.

An additional deliverable of the FASPK are simulation models of the MB87Q1100 modules (AMP model for NC_Verilog) and of the Reference design (encrypted RTL). A detailed FASPK User’s guide will be provided as well (containing explanations of the reference design, a guide how to implement the FPGA and how to debug the system).