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ScanSnap S1500 for PC (discontinued)

Compact, easy to use 'one touch' scanner for Windows

A complete desktop solution, simply press one scanner button to convert colour or mono multi page, double sided documents into digital PDF files which you can file, organise, share and email.

Key features

  • 20ppm Simplex/40ipm Duplex
  • 50 page ADF
  • Scan from business card to A3 size
  • Bundled with Adobe Acrobat X Standard
  • Scan directly to editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003
  • Scan to iPad®, iPhone® Android™ or Kindle™ devices
  • Scan to cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote®, Google Docs™ and SugarSync

More information

We recommend the following replacement model: ScanSnap iX500

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S1500 Office Lifestyle

A complete desktop solution, simply press one scanner button to convert colour or mono multi page, double sided documents into digital PDF files which you can file, organise, share and email.

The Quick Menu allows users to maximise their productivity with the S1500, just insert pages, press Scan, select destination function from the Quick Menu

The ScanSnap S1500 comes with a linking function to popular cloud services including Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, SugarSync and Salesforce CRM. It is now easy to seamlessly link and save your scanned image data virtually anywhere and anytime.

Scan to iPad, iPhone and now Android™ or Kindle™ devices* via the downloadable ScanSnap Connect application. Upload your document fast, securely and easily; instantly display and share. If no scanning interface is available Windows users can select the ‘ScanSnap folder’ option within the cloud application which then allows you to scan directly to the cloud through the import capability.

For existing ScanSnap users, ScanSnap Manager and ScanSnap Organiser may need to be updated. Visit for further details.

*The application supports many devices running Android 2.2 or later versions. For a list of Android smartphones/tablets supported, go to:

The ScanSnap software automatically creates Adobe PDF files which have become the de-facto standard for document exchange, enabling you to send documents anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge the recipient will see the document exactly as you see it. ScanSnap S1500 can also scan information directly into either Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2003 via OCR using the Scan2xxxx functions integrated into the ScanSnap software or Drag and drop files within ScanSnap Organizer to convert to Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2003 editable documents.

To make scanning as simple as possible, ScanSnap inspects each document to decide if a document should be scanned in black and white or colour, what the size of the page being scanned is and eliminate blank pages, all of which serve to speed the scanning operation and minimise your storage requirements. In addition each document will have misaligned text corrected (Auto Deskew) and each page will have its orientation automatically adjusted.

Using the supplied carrier sheet provides A3 scanning capability, A3 pages are folded and placed in the carrier sheet, when scanned, Scansnap will automatically stitch the 2 (front & back) images together to recreate the full A3 image The carrier sheet can also be used for scanning photos/documents which might be easily scratched or irregular shaped documents which are difficult to feed otherwise and may cause paper jams.

ScanSnap incorporates a 50 page automatic document feeder, duplex capability and colour scanning within a surprisingly small footprint and is supplied with a full version of Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard

Bundled Software

ScanSnap Manager [Windows & Mac]

  • Fast & easy creation of PDF documents
  • Easy access to predefined scanning profiles
  • Allows files to be renamed at scan time
  • Continuous scanning, easily create PDFs greater than the ADF capacity
  • Password protect PDF files
  • Auto orientation alignment
  • Scan A3 pages using Carrier sheet

ScanSnap Organizer [Windows only]

ScanSnap Organizer is a virtual filing cabinet which allows you to file, organise, email, print, OCR and browse your scanned documents without the need to open them in Acrobat. It can also convert Scansnap scanned PDF's into fully searchable PDF as a background process. PDFs can also be OCRed directly into Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003 editable documents.

New Features

  • Intelligent Indexing by Keyword
  • Create Keyword by Zone OCR or by Marking character string
  • Intelligent Cropping, based on section marked by hi-lighter pen
  • Link with SharePoint libraries & view remotely stored document thumbnails in ScanSnap Organizer

ScanSnap CardMinder [Windows only]

This application will intelligently capture the information from business cards. Cardminder now includes IntelliSync which enables the data to be exported to a number of PM applications.

The information captured is available across the range of Windows applications, simply highlight a person or company name within your document or application, press Alt-F3 on the PC keyboard and the related business card images will pop onto your screen as an instant aide memoire of that persons job function, address, contact details etc.

The underlying database can be stored and exported to a variety of PIM software such as OutLook, ACT and Goldmine via the IntelliSync.

For your peace of mind the S1500 is covered by a 2 year Product Exchange warranty.

Note: The ScanSnap device driver does not support the TWAIN or ISIS protocol. Scanned images cannot be acquired directly from TWAIN or ISIS based applications

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Please find linked below a PDF outlining the technical specifications of the ScanSnap S1500 as well as details of the compatible operating systems and hardware requirements. For any further questions or queries please contact our technical support team on +44 (0) 20 8573 4444..

ScanSnap S1500 Brochure including General Technical Specifications

Model   ScanSnap S1500
Functional Specifications
Scanning Technology   CCD image sensor
Scanning Mode   Black and White / Grey Scale / Colour
Document Feeding Mode   ADF   Flatbed  
Yes No
ADF Capacity   50 sheets (A4, 80 g/m 2 or 20lb)
Document Size ADF minimum: A8
42.3 to 209.3 g/m²
ADF maximum: A4
42.3 to 209.3 g/m²
Up to A3 via carrier sheet
Flatbed: -
Daily Throughput      250 pages
Scanning Speeds (200 or 300 dpi, Colour, Greyscale and Monochrome)
Output    Simplex   Duplex
A4 Portrait   20ppm 40 ipm
Bundled Software ScanSnap Organizer
ScanSnap Manager
Adobe Acrobat X Standard
Scan2Word, Scan2Excel, Scan2PowerPoint
ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™ Mac Edition
Rack2Filer- - Trial version
Functions Automatic deskew, Automatic rotation, Automatic colour detection, Page size detection
Interface(s) USB 2.0
System compatibility Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Vista™, XP (32bit)
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 158mm x 292mm x 159mm
Weight 3.0kg
Power Requirement 100-240 ± 10%, 50/60Hz VAC
Power Consumption <35 VAC (operating), <4.5 W in sleep mode
Operating Temperature 5-35° C
Humidity (operating) 20-80% RH (non-condensing)
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Options and accessories for the S1500
Part Part number Remarks
ScanSnap Bag PA03951-0651 Carry-on bag for ScanSnap S1500 and included items
ScanSnap Carrier Sheet PA03360-0013A 5 Carrier Sheets for ScanSnap models
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Standard Warranty

2 year Advance Exchange within 1-2 days; Telephone and Online support; parts, labour and shipping included

Upgrade Options

1-5 year upgrades available on new scanners at time of scanner purchase or within 30 days of purchase, upgrades the warranty

Renewal Options

1-2 year renewals available when warranty or previous service plan has expired
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Here are the key FAQs relevant to ScanSnap S1500. Click on the + sign for an overview; click the link to jump to full details.

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  • September 15, 2010
    Can I scan photographs through the scanner's ADF?
    The desktop ScanSnap models come with a carrier sheet specifically designed to protect and aid feeding photos when scanned via the ADF.

    Apart from the above we generally do not recommend using the scanners ADF for photographs.

    If you do decide to use ADF for photographs, you may encounter the following issues.

    • Damage to the photograph
    When you scan photographs through the automatic document feeder the surface of the photographs may be scratched or otherwise damaged.
    • Pick/feed performance
    The finish on photographs is often glossy, in such cases we cannot guarantee the pick/feeding performance of the scanner.

    Although not supplied with a carrier sheet in the box the fi-6130/fi-6230/fi-6140/fi-6240 scanners do support the use of a carrier sheet via the TWAIN driver. The carrier sheet also provides the ability to do ad-hoc A3 simplex scanning provided you are prepared to fold the original. (Applies to both ScanSnap and fi model).

    The carrier sheet is available under the following part No. PA03360-0013 ( a 5 sheet pack)
  • February 27, 2009
    S1500 : Organiser : Desktop Search functions are masked out
    [Keyword] and [text] of [search condition] in Windows desktop search function are masked and cannot be used in Windows Vista 64bit version.

    Currently Adobe has not released the 64bit version of their iFilter module. Once Adobe release that, we will provide an online update for ScanSnap Organizer.

    Also if the Acrobat version is lower than 7.0 and Adobe Reader version is lower than 8.0, [keyword] and [text] are masked also with 32bit OS since Adobe PDF IFilter cannot be installed.
  • February 27, 2009
    S1500: Organiser Sharepoint: SharePoint files displayed via ScanSnap Organizer, once deleted and restored cannot be renamed or removed.
    If the file on a SharePoint site which is currently displayed by ScanSnap Organizer is removed via the web client, it is moved to the Recycle Bin on the SharePoint site, when the file is restored to the original place from Recycle bin and displayed in ScanSnap Organizer, it cannot be renamed or deleted.

    This is because the files status has been set to "checked out".

    Fix: When restoring the file from SharePoint recycle bin via MOSS web client be sure to cancel the "checked out " status.
  • September 7, 2005
    ScanSnap: After scanning, just prior to seeing the image in Adobe Acrobat, I get a message saying Microsoft Journal Viewer is unable to run !
    Unless you specifically need to use Microsoft Journal Viewer on the PC, it may be safely uninstalled from the PC. It is only needed if you also use Tablet PC's and need to view their journal files on a normal PC.

    There is further, more complete information on the Adobe site:
  • October 11, 2005
    ScanSnap: Can I use ScanSnap on the MAC OS?
    There are specific PC and Mac versions of the ScanSnap available.

    For details of the ScanSnap for Macintosh, visit

    The functionality of the PC and MAC version will vary based on the version of ScanSnap Manager supplied with each product.

    The PC and MAC versions of the scanner are specific to the relevant OS: Windows or OS-X and are not interchangeable.
  • April 20, 2009
    ScanSnap : How do / Why can't, I select .JPG as the output file format?
    Right click on the ScanSnap Manager icon in the system tray
    Select "Scan Button Settings"
    On the Scanning tab of ScanSnap Manager, you will need to set the "Color Mode" to Color (or Gray) rather than 'Auto Color Detection'
    Once set to "Color Mode', move to the File Option tab of ScanSnap Manager, you will now be able to select JPG in the File Format drop down.

    Note: If using ScanSnap Manager in Quick Menu mode, the output file format will be forced to PDF mode. Based on the fact that use of Quick Menu means we are not aware of the final target of the images the user will choose - so the use of PDF is required to ensure all of the scanned images in the batch are presented to the target application in a single file. JPG would create a new file for each page, so only the 1st page would be passed to the target application.
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: How do I access the 'Quick Menu'
    The Quick Menu was added on later versions of ScanSnap Manager.

    Right clicking on the ScanSnap icon, will present a menu on which you will find a "Use Quick Menu" - clicking this menu entry will enable the Quick Menu (the menu item will then appear ticked).

    Once the Quick Menu is enabled, rather than select the reqd scan function prior to scanning, the Quick Menu wil be presented after the document is scanned.

    Once it is enabled some of the tabs in the Scan Button setting window will be greyed out, since their use use not logical once the Quick Menu is enabled.
  • May 6, 2008
    ScanSnap : How do I access the predefined scanning profiles
    The ScanSnap Manager ver 3.1 or later allows the creation of up to 9 pre-defined scanning profiles.

    Once created these profiles allow quick and easy selection of scanning mode without the need to edit scanning settings one by one.

    PC version
    Prior to pressing the Scan button on the ScanSnap, simply LEFT click on the blue ScanSnap icon in the system tray, icons representing each predefined profile will then be displayed for selection.
    This means you can simply change target application etc with just 2 mouse clicks.

    MAC version
    Hold down mouse button over ScanSnap Icon, the list of predefined Profiles will appear

    NOTE: You may require an online update to get this feature
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: I've created a PDF using ScanSnap, but the maximum pages I can get in one PDF is 50 due to the size of the ADF.
    ScanSnap Manager 3.1 or later allows continuous scanning so that a PDF file containing more than 50 pages can be created at scan time.

    See Settings|Scanning|Options in ScanSnap manager, check the "continue scanning after the current scan is finished" checkbox)

    For earlier versions of ScanSnap Manager, the max PDF page count is limited to the maximum capacity of the ADF i.e. 50 pages, however you can join PDFs together to create a composite PDF using Acrobat 6.0 as follows ...

    * Using Acrobat open up the main PDF file,
    * Now using the DOCUMENT | PAGES | INSERT menu item you can select the second PDF file and chose to insert it into the first PDF at any point, selectable on the Insert Pages dialog.

    Another option is to use the FILE | CREATE PDF | FROM MULTIPLE FILES, menu in Acrobat. This appends the PDFs one after the other but gives no control over the insertion point within a PDF, but you can control the order in which the PDFs are appended

    Note: The limitations of PDF size are, max number of pages = 1000, max file size = 1GB
  • May 15, 2006
    ScanSnap: I've installed Abbyy FineReader, but can't find the application in my Start Menu or in ScanSnap Manager
    The version of FineReader supplied with ScanSnap is a custom version specifically for use with ScanSnap scanners. So there is no normal user interface or entry in the Start menu from which FineReader can be started. It can only be selected via the Application tab of the ScanSnap Manager software.

    UsingScan2Word and Scan2Excel

    You select these via the Application menu of ScanSnap Manager, select either Scan2Word, Scan2Excel or Scan2Powerpoint2003 depending where you want the text/data imported to.

    Now just insert your documents in the ADF, press the Scan button on the scanner, you will see the scanning progress window, once all the pages are scanned, Word,Excel or PowerPoint2003 will start up with the text/data ready to edit or save as per your requirments.

    The following ONLY applies to fi-5110EOX and fi-5110EOX2 models of ScanSnap.

    There may be cases after installing Abbyy FineReader, where it is still not visible in the Application tab of ScanSnap Manager.
    Insuch cases, please follow the procedure below :=

    Linking ABBYY FineReader for Fujitsu ScanSnap!™
    Note: Make sure Fujitsu ScanSnap! scanner is connected to your computer and the ScanSnap! Monitor application is installed.

    1. Right-click on ScanSnap! Monitor icon in task tray and choose Settings.... The Scan and Save Settings dialog box will open.

    2. On the Application tab, click the Add or Remove button. The Add or Remove Application dialog box will open.

    3. Click the Add... button. In the dialog box that opens, use the Browse button to navigate to the Abbyy application folder
    C:\Programs\ABBYY FineReaderfor Fujitsu ScanSnap.

    Note: This is NOT the Abbyy FineReader folder you will see when the dialog intially opens.

    4. Select the relavent Scan2xxxx application and specify the name for that application whichwill be displayed in the ScanSnap! Monitor.

    Note: ABBYY FineReader for Fujitsu ScanSnap!™ comprises three utilities: Scan2Word, Scan2Excel, and Scan2PDF (which creates searchable PDFs). Each utility is in charge of a particular format. You will need to perform steps 2 3 for each Scan2xxxx application

    The only entry in the Windows start menu will be the FineReader config utlity to set the parameters for each of the Scan2xxxx applications and a link to FineReader for ScanSnap help file
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: I've installed the ScanSnap software but can't find a TWAIN driver, can I use it with other imaging applications.
    ScanSnap uses its own unique driver, the 'ScanSnap Manager. which sits in thesystem tray.
    Images can be stored directly to any local folders or network drivesas either PDF or JPEG files

    It does NOT support the TWAIN or ISIS interface.

    Since the scanned data can be saved as industry standard PDF or JPEG files, you can use these files with any application software which supports/imports these file formats.

    Normal Scanner drivers (TWAIN,ISIS) only pass data on to an application, it is then that application which will write the final image file to disk.
    ScanSnap Manager works differently, in that it is ScanSnap Manager that creates AND writes the data to disk, either as a PDF or a JPG file.

    ScanSnap Manager then starts up the designated application within ScanSnap Manager and passes it a pointer to the recently created file, as a command line parameter, such that the image can be displayed/imported/processed by that application.

    Of course this assumes that the chosen application can accept acommand line parameter pointing to an image - not all can !

    So in the normal operation of ScanSnap, Acrobat is just being used to display the PDF file previously created by ScanSnap Manager

    Other applications which can also support image import via command linecan be added to the ScanSnap Manager using the Add/Remove button on the Application tab to perform other processing/handling on the image/PDF.

    Some other applications may support the 'watched' folder method, wherebya specified folder is monitoredby the application on a regular basis, once a new file appears in the folder the application detects its and imports it into its own file structure.

    Note: Fi-4110EOX2 software is known as ScanSnap Monitor, Fi-5110EOX software is known as ScanSnap Manager. For the purposes of this FAQ they are the same software.
  • April 7, 2005
    ScanSnap : I've replaced the pads, but the software keeps telling me to replace them.
    As well as replacing the consumable items, i.e. the pad and the pick roller, you must also reset the life counter in the scanner.

    You can do this as follows ...

    Right click on the blue ScanSnap icon in system tray.
    On the popup menu, click on 'Check consumable count'.
    You will now see the counters themselves and the 'Reset' buttons used to clear the counters.

  • March 14, 2006
    ScanSnap: I've scanned my documents to PDF files yet when I search for text within Acrobat nothing is found
    ScanSnap Manager Ver 4 or later
    Applies to PC version only

    There are 2 options
    1. Set ScanSnap Manager to create searchable PDF's on the fly, check the option on the File tab of ScanSnap Manager.
    2. Set ScanSnap Organizer to Automatically Convert PDFs into Searchable PDFs. This is the default option for ScanSnap Organizer, Note: It will only convert PDFs which have been created by ScanSnap.

    ScanSnap Manager Ver 3 or earlier
    Applies to PC version only

    ScanSnap Manager software creates an image only type of PDF file, so there is no actual text to be searched for.

    There are 2 options
    1. Set the ScanSnap Managers designated application to'Scan2PDF' rather than Acrobat, this will use the Abbyy FineReader software to create a fully searchable PDF on the fly.
    2. Use the "Recognise Text using OCR" function within Acrobat, this will internally OCR the PDF and store the resultant text within the PDF file for later searching. You would need to do this manually for each PDF file.

    Note : Abbyy FineReader only supplied with European version of ScanSnap
  • April 7, 2005
    ScanSnap: I've set ScanSnap Managers Paper Size to 'Auto Detection' yet it is cutting off the left and right hand sides of the image?
    The scanners auto detection mode measures the length of the page scanned and then looks for the best matching length from a predefined list of paper sizes (Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Post Card, Business card), the scanning width is then set to the width of that paper size rather than the actual size of the paper being scanned.

    In such cases you would need to create a custom paper size to capture the entire document.

    Note: Custom paper sizes are excluded from the list of known paper sizes when in Auto Detection mode, so would still require manual selection
  • December 12, 2007
    ScanSnap: Ich habe Abbyy FineReader installiert, kann aber die Anwendung nicht in meinem Startmenü oder im ScanSnap Manager finden.
    Die mit ScanSnap gelieferte Version von FineReader ist eine kundenspezifische Version für die Nutzung mit einem ScanSnap Scanner. Es gibt also keine normale Benutzeroberfläche und keinen Eintrag im Startmenü, über den FineReader gestartet werden kann. Es kann nur über den Tab "Anwendung" im ScanSnap Manager ausgewählt werden.

    Nutzung von Scan2Word und Scan2 Excel
    Diese Optionen können Sie im Anwendungsmenü des ScanSnap Managers wählen. Wählen Sie entweder Scan2Word, Scan2Excel oder Scan2Powerpoint2003, je nachdem in welches Programm Ihre Daten exportiert werden sollen.
    Sie können jetzt Ihre Dokumente einfach in den ADF eingeben und den Knopf "Scannen" am Scanner drücken. Sie sehen dann ein Fenster mit dem Fortschritt des Scanprozesses. Wenn alle Seiten gescannt wurden, wird Word, Excel oder Powerpoint2003 geöffnet, und Ihr Text/Ihre Daten sind bereit, bearbeitet oder gespeichert zu werden, je nachdem, was Sie damit vorhaben.

    Folgendes gilt NUR für die Modelle fi-5110EOX und fi-5110EOX2 des ScanSnap.

    In einigen Fällen kann es vorkommen, dass der Abbyy FineReader nach der Installation nicht im Tab "Anwendung" des ScanSnap Managers zu sehen ist.
    In diesen Fällen, gehen Sie bitte folgendermaßen vor:=

    Verlinken von ABBYY FineReader mit ScanSnap!™
    Hinweis: Vergewissern Sie sich, dass der Fujitsu ScanSnap! Scanner an den Computer angeschlossen und die Anwendung ScanSnap! Monitor installiert ist.

    1. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das ScanSnap! Icon in der Taskleiste und wählen "Einstellungen"... Es öffnet sich die Dialogbox für die Scan- und Speichereinstellungen.
    2. Klicken Sie im Tab "Anwendung" auf "Hinzufügen/Entfernen". Es öffnet sich die Dialogbox zum Hinzufügen/Entfernen einer Anwendung.
    3. Klicken Sie auf den Button "Hinzufügen". Nutzen Sie in der folgenden Dialogbox den Button "Durchsuchen", um zum Abbyy Anwendungsordner zu gelangen.
    C:\Programs\ABBYY FineReaderfor Fujitsu ScanSnap.
    Hinweis: Wenn sich die Dialogbox öffnet, sehen Sie NICHT den Ordner des Abbyy FineReader.
    4. Wählen sie die entsprechende Scan2xxxx Anwendung und legen den Namen fest, der im ScanSnap! Monitor angezeigt werden soll.
    Hinweis:Der ABBYY FineReader für Fujitsu ScanSnap!™ besteht aus drei Komponenten: Scan2Word, Scan2Excel und Scan2PDF (mit dieser Komponente können durchsuchbare PDFs erstellt werden). Jede Komponente ist für ein bestimmtes Dateiformat zuständig. Sie müssen die Schritte 2 und 3 für jede Scan2xxxx Anwendung durchführen.
    Der einzige Eintrag im Windows Startmenü ist die FineReader config Komponente, um die Parameter für jede Scan2xxxx Anwendung einzustellen, und ein Link zu FineReader zur ScanSnap Hilfedatei.

  • March 14, 2006
    ScanSnap: Is there a Scan To Email function?
    Applies to PC version only

    Using the ScanSnap Organizer software, you can easily select a scanned PDF to be attached to an email. Just right click on the thumbnail of the PDF to be emailed and select "Attach to E-mail"

    On earlier versions, although not included by default in the ScanSnap software package,it is quite simple to add this function (assuming you are using Microsoft Outlook, it may work with other clients too if they support command line parameters, but we have not tested others)

    Open up the ScanSnap manager software, select the Application tab, press Add/Remove, in the popup window press ADD, in the next window use the Browse button to navigate to your installed copy of Outlook, this would normally be in
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\OUTLOOK.EXE"
    Assign a name, say "Attach To Email" to this application, and press OK.

    Now when opening up ScanSnap Manager, you will see "Attach To Email" listed in the Application drop down, selecting that and pressing Scan on the scanner will cause your document to be scanned and automatically attached in an open email item ready to send.

  • December 13, 2007
    ScanSnap : j'ai installé Abbyy FineReader, mais je ne parviens pas à trouver l'application dans mon menu Démarrer ou dans ScanSnap Manager
    La version FineReader fournie avec ScanSnap est une version personnalisée spécialement destinée à être utilisée avec les scanners ScanSnap. Par conséquent, il n'existe pas d'interface utilisateur ou d'entrée dans le menu Démarrer à partir duquel peut être démarré FineReader. Elle peut uniquement être sélectionnée via l'onglet Application du logiciel ScanSnap.

    Utilisation deScan2Word et Scan2Excel
    Pour les sélectionner via le menu Application du ScanSnap Manager, sélectionnez Scan2Word, Scan2Excel ou Scan2Powerpoint selon l'endroit où vous souhaitez importer le texte/les données.

    Il vous suffit d'insérer maintenant vos documents dans l'ADF, d'appuyer sur le bouton Scan se trouvant sur le scanner et vous verrez la fenêtre de progression du scannage, une fois que toutes les pages sont scannées, Word,Excel ou PowerPoint démarreront avec le texte/les données prêtes pour l'édition ou l'enregistrement selon vos exigences.

    La condition suivante s'applique UNIQUEMENT aux modèles fi-5110EOX et fi-5110EOX2 de ScanSnap.

    Après l'installation d'Abbyy FineReader, il peut y avoir des cas où elle n'apparaît toujours pas dans l'onglet Application du ScanSnap Manager.

    Dans de tels cas, veuillez suivre la procédure ci-dessous :=

    Liaison ABBYY FineReader pour Fujitsu ScanSnap!™
    Remarque : assurez-vous que le scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap! est relié à votre ordinateur et que l'application ScanSnap! Monitor est installée.

    1. A l'aide du bouton droit de votre souris, cliquez sur l'icône ScanSnap! Monitor dans la barre des tâches et sélectionnez Réglages.... La boîte de dialogue Réglages Scan et Enregistrement s'ouvriront.
    2. Sur l'onglet Application, cliquez sur le bouton Ajouter ou Supprimer. La boîte de dialogue Ajouter ou Supprimer l'application s'ouvrira.
    3. Cliquez sur le bouton Ajouter.... Dans la boîte de dialogue qui s'ouvre, utilisez le bouton Naviguer pour naviguer vers le dossier d'application Abbyy
    C:\Programs\ABBYY FineReaderpour Fujitsu ScanSnap.
    Remarque : ce N'est PAS le dossier Abbyy FineReader que vous verrez lorsque la boîte de dialogue s'ouvre au départ.

    4. Sélectionnez l'application Scan2xxxx et spécifiez le nom de cette application qui sera affichée dans le ScanSnap! Monitor.
    Remarque : ABBYY FineReader pour Fujitsu ScanSnap!™ comprend trois programmes utilitaires : Scan2Word, Scan2Excel et Scan2PDF (qui crée les PDF consultables). Chaque programme utilitaire est chargé d'un format particulier. Vous devrez réaliser les étapes 2 3 pour chaque application Scan2xxxx
    La seule entrée dans le menu Démarrer de Windows sera le programme utilitaire de configuration FineReader pour régler les paramètres pour chacune des applications Scan2xxxx et un lien avec FineReader pour le fichier d'aide ScanSnap

  • September 19, 2005
    ScanSnap: The settings window of ScanSnap monitor is only offering me 2 tabs : Application | Scanning, but normally I get 6 tabs
    Only applies to PC version

    Check if you have CardMinder running in the background, When loaded CardMinder limits the ScanSnap options available to those that are relevant to CardMinder.

    Unload CardMinder and re-open the ScanSnap settings window, all 6 tabs should now be available.

    Note: Cardminder is only supplied with the PC version of Scansnap
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: What file formats can ScanSnap produce?
    The ScanSnap scanner/software allows the images to be saved either as PDF or JPG formatted files.

    PDF is the default format.

    To select .JPG,
    within ScanSnap monitor ...
    Set "Application" to Scan to File
    Set "Scanning" to colour
    Set "File Option" to JPEG

    Note: It is theScanSnap manager software that creates and writes theJPEG or PDF file to disk, it then passes control to the designated application to display that file or process it further.

    On the versions of ScanSnap supplied with a copy of Abbyy FineReader for ScanSnap you can use the Scan2Word and Scan2Excel options, which also allow creation of .DOC and .XLS file. Scan2PDF will allow the creation of searchable PDFs.
  • March 14, 2006
    ScanSnap: What filename does ScanSnap give the saved images
    When using ScanSnap Manager 3.1or later (PC version only)
    Checking the "Rename after Scan" checkbox on the Save tab of ScanSnap Manager will prompt you to edit the proposed filename which is automatically created (dependent on the option selected below) as each document is scanned.

    On earlier versions, you can only use one of the following 3 types of naming conventions.
    * Date and time (yyyy_MM_dd_hh_mm_ss)
    For example, when the file is saved in PDF format at 09:00:50 on February, 28, 2003 the following filename is created:
    File name: 2003_02_28_19_00_50.pdf
    * Date and the time (yyyyMMddhhmmss)
    For example, when the file is saved in PDF format at 09:00:50 on February, 28, 2003 the following filename is created:
    File name: 20030228190050.pdf
    * Custom
    A joint name of the text string (specified at the "Header") and the digits number (specified at the "Counter").
    For example, when you enter "Scan" as a header and select 3 digits the following filename is created for the first scan job
    File name: Scan001.pdf
    Each scan job will increment the counter digits, i.eScan002.pdf, Scan003.pdf etc etc
  • October 30, 2006
    ScanSnap : What PDF file sizes can I expect when using ScanSnap
    Of course the actual PDF file size will vary depending on the content of the document, but the tables below will give some guidance on the relative variation the different ScanSnap settings will achive.

    Compression ->Scan Mode | 1 2 3 4 5 High
    Normal 784 379 293 219 117 217

    Better 1721 771 560 394 186 214

    Best 3775 1670 1167 782 352 221

    Excellent 17501 8090 5937 4272 1793 521

    B/W MODE

    Scan Mode Compression
    Normal 54

    Better 130

    Best 336

    Excellent 1934
    Based on an A4 brochure scanned in simplex, units: Kbytes

    Setting the 'High' compression check box forces the ScanSnap into colour scanning mode, 'High' compression is most effective in Best or Excellent mode

    Please note : The 'High' compression setting is not available on MAC versions of the ScanSnap
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: What resolutions are available?
    The scanning quality is selected by 'Mode' within the ScanSnap manager.

    The S510, S500, S300 and fi-5110EOX can be set as follows.

    Mode Colour Black White
    Normal (fastest) 150dpi 300dpi
    Better (faster) 200dpi 400dpi
    Best (slow) 300dpi 600dpi
    Excellent (slowest) 600dpi 1200dpi

    The fi-4110EOX2 can be set as follows.
    Mode Colour Black White
    Normal (fastest) 150dpi 300dpi
    Better (faster) 200dpi 400dpi
    Best (slow) 300dpi 600dpi
  • May 30, 2003
    ScanSnap: When I start the PC, the message "The session switching notice cannot be received" appears. What does this mean?
    If you are using Windows XP this message may appear under on some systems. Please ignore the above message as it does not affect the scanning operation.

    Windows XP supports multi-logon (which means another user can logon to the PC without the previous user logging off). In that case, "ScanSnap" monitors the duplex/simplex button every 200ms in both users' environments. (Even though the screen displays the current user's status, also the previous user's environment is monitored in the background.)

    When the current user presses the scan button and it is detected by the "ScanSnap Monitor" for the previous user, it may cause some problems

    To avoid this, we have added a window message to the Windows XP-supported version to stop the "ScanSnap! Monitor" for the background user and to activate the current monitor.

    To prevent the message when you switch users, a registration to Windows is required. However, under some systems, the registration process cannot be completed. When the registration process cannot be completed after several retries, the above message is displayed.
  • March 22, 2008
    ScanSnap : When using ABBYY Scan2Excel, I am able to edit the cells etc, but if I try to use figures in the cells, i.e. I want sum a series of cells, the result is always 0 (zero).
    When ABBYY OCR converted that document the data was stored as text rather than numbers.

    You can change the way the OCR handles this as follows.
    Find the 'Abbyy FineReader for ScanSnap' entry in the All Programs section of the Windows Start menu, click on that entry to start the program to start the software to allow you to change ABBYY OCR options.

    Select the Scan2Excel tab
    Check the box "Convert numeric values to numbers'
    This will resolve the problem for future scans/OCR

    If you have some previously scanned documents which were OCRed with the wrong setting, you can make a similar conversion as follows.

    1st confirm this is the issue by trying to set the problematic cells to be left aligned, any 'true' numbers will be right aligned at this point. Numbers created by ABBYY OCR without the correct setting of the check box as above will show as left aligned.

    1. Enter the value 1 in an empty cell.
    2. Select the cell and press Ctrl+C.
    3. Select the range of problematic cells.
    4. Choose Paste Special from the Edit menu. Excel displays the Paste Special dialog .
    5.Select the Multiply radio button.
    6. Click on OK.

    This multiplies all the selected cells by 1 and so converts them all to 'true' numbers
  • September 15, 2005
    ScanSnap: Which 3rd party contact manager software does CardMinder support.
    The Cardminder software supplied with ScanSnap can directly export its data to the following applications

    OutLook Express Ver 5 6
    Outlook 97/98/2000/2002
    Goldmine 6.0 6.5
    Act 5.5 6.0

    Note: Cardminder is only supplied with PC versions of Scansnap
  • November 26, 2007
    ScanSnap: Will it work with my PC?
    The ScanSnap scanners are standard USB2.0 compatible devices and as such should be compatible with the majority of PC hardware.

    The ScanSnap FI-4110EOX2 scanner is a standard USB 1.1 compatible device and as such should be compatible with the majority of PC hardware.

    It has been specifically tested with the following USB chip sets, please check with your PC manufacturer to establish the USB chip set in use in your PC.

    * Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
    * Intel 82371 SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
    * Intel 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller
    * Intel 82440MX PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
    * SiS 7001 USB Open Host Controller
    * VIA USB Open Host Controller
    * NEC USB Open Host Controller
    * AMD 750 PCI to USB Open Host Controller
  • December 14, 2011
    ScanSnap S1500: How to Use the ScanSnap Highlighter feature to create searchable keywords
    ScanSnap S1500 allows operators to convert their scanned PDF files into searchable PDF files either immediately at the point of scanning or afterwards using the included OCR software such as Organizer or Adobe Acrobat. However, some users may prefer to select only a few keywords within the PDF file that can then be searchable later. Using a highlighter pen on a black and white document, operators can convert highlighted text into searchable keywords.
  • August 28, 2009
    Where can I find out more about Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility with ScanSnap?
    More information and download options are available at

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