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ScanSnap from Fujitsu

Fujitsu - Hardware Product of the Year 2010


Fujitsu offers the most comprehensive range of document scanners available on the market today. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Fujitsu scanners have an excellent reputation for reliability. According to independent research, Fujitsu sells more document scanners across Europe than all of our rivals added together.

Whether your application involves document management, archiving, workflow or forms processing, Fujitsu probably has the optimum scanner for the capture of your data.

Imaging Channel Program

The Imaging Channel Program has been designed to deliver real value to our community of imaging distributors, solution partners, resellers and end customers. By creating a collaborative environment where participation and interaction within the community is encouraged, new business opportunities are generated and leveraged by each channel member in more EMEA regions, more vertical markets and more end customer applications.

Assurance Program

Every Fujitsu scanner purchased in most European countries and South Africa is covered by the Assurance Programme during its warranty period. Each scanner includes an Advance Exchange warranty within 48 hours, or an On-Site Service warranty within next business day. This is the industry-leading warranty from the market-leading manufacturer.

Scanner Care & Cleaning

To keep your Fujitsu scanner working at its optimum, it is vital that a simple cleaning regime is in place and that consumables are replaced by the correct products. Using these Fujitsu approved consumables and cleaning kits will ensure that things are kept running smoothly without damage to the scanner.

Scanning Software

Maximise the potential of your Fujitsu scanner with digital imaging software.

Featured Scanner Software:

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Production Scanners


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