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  6. ScanSnap : User review by Liam Hemmings, in-house lawyer, Sinclair Investments

Liam Hemmings, in-house lawyer, Sinclair Investments

We have a very small legal team and try to work as efficiently as possible.
I would be lost without my ScanSnap. With it I have created a paperless office. Everything gets scanned and OCR'd. I no longer have to take bulky files of documents to Court anymore and not only that I can have every document whether relevant or not with me so I never have to worry that I am missing something. I recently had a case at the Court of Appeal and my entire appeal bundle was on my iPad.

Not only that the ScanSnap is small, reliable and inexpensive. It is an indispensible part of my daily work flow.

Liam Hemmings, in-house lawyer, Sinclair Investments

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Date Submitted: 2011-04-15


Product: ScanSnap


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