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Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track

All-Memory SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse

Fujitsu, Violin Memory and Microsoft deliver the well integrated product line of All-Memory Data Warehouses. The solutions range from 20TB user data all the way to 240TB in size. All data is persisted and kept on enterprise class flash storage arrays. This means there are no spinning hard drives anywhere in the solution. It does not require a complex architecture involving any database restructuring or countless hours of code rewriting. This next generation product line dramatically simplifies usage, management and configuration of data warehouses while delivering consistent and predictable performance.

The Fujitsu SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse is defined reference architecture, ensuring that it delivers a pre-certified performance build that follows best practices guidelines. A reference architecture guide explains step by step how to setup servers, storage and software to build the certified configuration. This eliminates complex hardware and software balancing and takes the guesswork out of system configuration by removing the need to carefully plan, tune, configure and test various configurations.

Key Features Benefits
  • Scalable solution from 20 TB in 5U up to 240 TB in 20U
  • Reduced foot print and power consumption compared to spinning disk based solutions
Investment protection
Reduced TCO
  • All-memory solution eliminating spinning media
  • Average latency below 1 ms
Same high sustained performance across the whole storage capacity
Reduced database maintenance efforts
  • Defined Reference Architecture certified by Microsoft
  • Optimal CPU, memory and storage I/O balance
  • Detailed Installation and Configuration Guides freely available
Predictable out of the box performance experience
Greatly reduced installation and configuration effort