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FUJITSU Cloud Enablement and Management Services

The key to real business value

Making the transition to cloud, and maximizing its potential is not without challenges and risks. To ensure our customers succeed with their cloud strategies, Fujitsu has put in place a broad range of cloud-enablement services.

The cloud is evolving rapidly and organizations need a partner who can help them take advantage of those advances. Fujitsu recognize organizations across different sectors and geographies will embark on the cloud journey at their own pace, and will be at different stages of adoption. That is why we have the right combination of consulting expertise, technical knowledge and IT infrastructure to deliver results on cloud opportunities at all levels, and a collaborative approach to helping customers create and navigate their own individual cloud roadmaps.

Our global Cloud Consulting Services group has developed a four-step model to guide organizations through cloud opportunities. We help you achieve desired business goals — practically and rapidly — while providing expert advice on key considerations such as security and legal/data compliance.

exploring the value of cloud with Fujitsu flow chart

  1. Explore and advise — Align cloud to your organization’s business model
  2. Assess — Identify critical business outcomes and set priorities
  3. Enact — Formulate the design, build and implement
  4. Evolve — Create a virtuous circle of operation-measurement-adjustment-improvement for business value.

Cloud Total Cost of Ownership Assessment

Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment for cloud provides customers with an in-depth analysis of how their current IT costs compare with more flexible, cost-effective, functionally-rich cloud options. The detailed reports and advice that results from this process help customers stage their cloud transition for maximum business value.

Cloud advisory and assessment services

In order to determine how best to leverage cloud computing, Fujitsu utilizes a workshop approach, supported by advanced tools and methods. We analyze customers applications and workloads, with the output providing a “Fit for Business” roadmap and reference architecture which guides the migration to the target solutions.

Legacy modernization

We help organizations gain the most from historical IT investments by modernizing and integrating the solutions with cloud services, or transforming them into cloud options - cost-effectively and with minimal risk.

Cloud integration

We appreciate the implementation and integration of multiple cloud technologies and services is one of the key challenges of any cloud journey. That is why we are here to assist you in the integration process.

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services

Our Hybrid Cloud Services enable you to realize the value of cloud computing, while overcoming any barriers and potential risks. We help you build the optimal cloud portfolio for your organization by allowing the combination of public, community and private cloud. In conjunction with Microsoft, we’ve developed an integrated set of proven cloud services and solutions — supported by expert professional services. Through this pioneering partnership, Fujitsu is able to help you fully leverage the cost and flexibility benefits of the Windows Azure cloud platform, in combination with other cloud and on-premise systems. Integration and support is fully managed by us on your behalf, to assist in meeting your future cloud needs.

Our Software as a Service (Saas) teams help customers embrace the new cloud applications model with confidence. We work with customers to explore the business opportunity of SaaS, while preserving important legacy IT investments. Saas solutions ensure new services are tightly integrated with existing IT as well as with complementary SaaS capabilities. And, we draw on the industry’s widest pool of expertise in SaaS implementation to tailor services to customers’ industry or business-specific needs.

This can best be achieved through a collaborative, partnership-based approach to systems integration. That is why we work with the industry’s leading SaaS vendors to guarantee the best results. Our partners include, Microsoft, Google, Glovia, and numerous others.

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