Connecting to iX500

To receive PDF/JPEG images scanned with iX500, you need to connect the mobile device to iX500.
When you start up ScanSnap Connect Application, iX500 and the mobile device will be connected automatically.
If the connection is not established or you want to change the computer to connect to, perform one of the following:



Automatic connection

When you start up ScanSnap Connect Application, it searches the same network for iX500, and automatically connects to the detected iX500.
Once the connection is established, the name of the connected iX500 is displayed for [Connect to:].

If you are connecting to this iX500 for the first time, or if the password has been changed since the last time it was connected, the [Enter your password] window appears.
The mobile device connects to iX500 when you enter the password (which is set in ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool).
If you have connected to this iX500 before, it will be connected automatically using the same password as the last time.

If there is more than one available destination, the result will be one of the following:

When no iX500 is detected, the following message appears.
Confirmation message

When connecting automatically
Tap [Retry].
When you tap [Retry], a search is performed again within the same network.
When not connecting automatically
Tap [Cancel].
[Do not connect] is displayed for [Connect to:] in the [Settings] screen and it will not connect to iX500 automatically.
To connect to iX500 from the same network after tapping [Cancel], refer to "Selecting from [Connect to:]".


Selecting from [Connect to:]

You can select iX500 from [Connect to:] in the following cases:

When you select a destination from [Connect to:] in the [Settings] screen, the [Connect to:] screen appears.
The list shows the computers detected from the same network and their IP addresses, as well as the names set for the detected scanners (iX500) and their IP addresses.
[Connect to:] window

A radio button will appear as Radio button next to iX500 that is connected.

  1. On the [File List] screen, tap [Settings].
    The [Settings] sceen appears.
  2. Tap a destination under [Connect to:].
    The [Connect to:] screen appears.
  3. Select a scanner from [Scanner].
    Connection is established with iX500.


Specifying the IP address

When no available iX500 is detected, you can connect to iX500 by specifying its IP address.

  1. On the [File List] screen, tap [Settings].
    The [Settings] screen appears.
  2. Tap a destination under [Connect to:].
    The [Connect to:] screen appears.
  3. Select [Specify IP address] from [Other].
    The [Specify IP address] window appears.
  4. Enter the IP address of iX500, and tap [OK].
    Connection is established with iX500 of this IP address.