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Training and Enhancement

Varied program ranging from entry-level courses to training for customers, partners, Fujitsu employees and those interested in pursuing a career in IT.

Customers, partners, Fujitsu employees and those interested in keeping pace with IT developments can take advantage of the wideranging curriculum offered by the EPS Academy.

The web based training “What’s a mainframe?” offers a first overview of the topic for mainframe beginners. The 30 minute long training provides an insight into the world of mainframes, especially the Fujitsu server BS2000 and its operating system. Click hereOpen a new window in order to start the training now (no registration necessary).

Courses are based on a modular structure and are conducted at the Fujitsu Training Center in Augsburg, Germany, or, if desired, at customer sites. The sessions cover all typical mainframe system environments – BS2000, VME and z/OS – as well as many relevant data center technologies (such as networks and storage) and requisite applications.

The contents are of interest to system users, software developers, application administrators, operators and system administrators. The insights and know-how provided can be applied in many different scenarios.

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Enterprise Platform Services Academy