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Application Modernization Capabilities

Fujitsu has developed ten main capabilities which provides true breadth and depth to our offering:
  • Application Value Assessment: A consulting capability that examines the organizations current application portfolio with the view to identifying the most suitable and feasible options to ensure that the client can gain from the investment already made in the applications well into the future. 
  • Progression Mainframe Services: This 100% Fujitsu owned capability allows us to migrate mainframe and midrange systems into .Net based systems that can be run on premise or in Cloud Services.
    Watch the Fujitsu PROGRESSION video on YouTubeOpen a new window.
  • Mainframe Migration Services: This capability allows Fujitsu to migrate mainframe systems into Open Source based systems that can be run on-premise or in Cloud services. 
  • Server Based Systems Migration Services: This capability allows Fujitsu to migrate 4th generation languages such as Oracle Forms, Lotus Notes, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Classic, Centura and Delphi to either Java or .NET which can be run on premise or in Cloud Services. 
  • Access to SQL Server Services: This is a highly automated capability to move Access Databases and logic to SQL Server so that mission critical data can be kept in a suitable environment. The capability will also take Access DB and SQL Server to SQL Azure whilst ensuring the connections in the applications link to the new data store. 
  • User Integration Services: This capability allows for the legacy applications to stay as they are. Fujitsu then build front ends which can incorporate new functionality, new workflows, new validation, Web Services for further integration and Mash-ups (where several applications, from various systems, appear as if they are just one application). 
  • NetCOBOL Conversion Services: This capability allows Fujitsu to re-host systems based on COBOL and COBOL variants such as Micro Focus COBOL to Fujitsu’s NetCOBOL for .NET (free run-time license) including the data stores, TP Monitors, utilities and JCL.
  • CA Gen Migration Services: This is a service for those users who have decided to migrate away from CA Gen to more modern technologies (Java, COBOL, C#, COTS packages) without a reliance on CA Gen runtime licenses.
  • Cloud Services: This is a compilation of the Cloud aspects of the above capabilities so that clients can gain the advantages of Cloud services which may, or may not, include a total migration. This includes Cloud readiness specific evaluation to ensure systems will use the Cloud to the best of their ability. 
  • Application Analysis Services: This 100% Fujitsu owned capability allows us to examine a clients’ source code. Generating a city view map of an application is the start. The capability includes further examinations of the application such as complexity of each program, similarity (duplicability) between them, finding dead code, and correlation analysis between business logic and data.

Our capabilities span the entire migration and modernization project - from preparation and assessment to data migration and user interfaces.


Legacy Modernization Capabilities

Preparing for Application Modernization

We have a range of Systems Analysis tools to prepare you for modernization. These provide the ability to trawl networks looking for applications that you don’t know exists, track application documentation and help evaluate size to better plan modernization options. The following list is a subset of the tools we have at our disposal: 
  • 2SQL Inspector – Network crawler 
  • 2SQL Detective – Application conversion examination and sizing 
  • Gupta Composers - Lotus Notes Application Analysis 
  • Dell Software Analyzer – Lotus Notes Application Analysis 
  • Fujitsu SoftwareMap – Diagrammatic rendition of entire systems 
  • Fujitsu PROGRESSION – Mainframe analysis 
  • Ateras EAV – Mainframe documentation 
  • FreeSoft Liberator – Mainframe reconciliation and analysis 
  • Visual Basic Analysis 
  • MSS International – Unisys System Analysis 
All this means we have the ability to undertake an extensive investigation of your application estate which can remove the ‘unknowns’ and substantially reduce the risks involved in a modernization project.


Fujitsu Application Value Assessment uses our experience across modernization scenarios to discover the possible alternatives for your portfolio. Find out more about Application Value Assessment.

Systems Migration and Data Migration

Fujitsu supports both System Migration and Data Migration to ensure the technology you are using is current and appropriate for your organization. Find out more about our Migration capabilities.

User Interfaces

Interface Modernization covers a number of separate but often inter-related options.

  • User Interface Integration: In this option we do not change the underlying system in anyway. We create a new frontend for the system to improve its look and feel, functionality and ease of use. We can use this option to create mobile app user interfaces via cloud services for systems which are still functioning as green screen technology on a mainframe.
  • Mash-up: Without changing the underlying applications we can utilize parts of existing internal and external systems to create new systems with enhanced functionality.
  • Alter integration paths and interfaces into SOA ready services: This allows applications to interact with each other without the need for bespoke integration services being built. It enables functions that have been built in one system to be used by other systems without being rewritten

Cloud Migration

Our migration services help clients move applications from non-compliant to cloud ready technology. Find out more about our Cloud Modernization capabilities.