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Development Environment

Achieve high quality through efficiently and effectively managed development process based on the strict standard of high quality required from Fujitsu Group.

Engineering: Process

Define and optimize different kinds of workflow according to the requirements of CMMI5 and based on the SWN/SDEM standards of Fujitsu


Condition of Hardware Equipment for Testing

FNST has high-quality hardware environment required for development (PRIMEQUESTetc)

FNST has the cluster system that includes equipment from other companies. It established a test center and put into operation through collaborating with local government. (Jiangyin Software Test Center)

For the equipment at Jiangyin Software Test Center, the infrastructure was built by Jiangyin municipal government, while it is planned and operated by FNST.

  • From year 2008 to 2010, Jiangyin municipal government invested a lot of money for building the infrastructure.

The test center was built in the software park for common use by companies inside the park

  • Cluster system based on ETERNUS and Fujitsu server
  • It is used for Symfoware test, Linux test .etc

The new office building, which can accommodate 1,500 people, is now half-completed

First phase of construction has been completed in July 2010

  • In November 2008, FNST purchased land for construction with an area of 9,529 m2 in Yuhua district of Nanjing, and the building is now half completed
  • It is a buliding with 6 floors, the above ground area is 15,000m2 and basement area is 3,000m2
  • The construction is divided into two phases
  • The first phase, which is expected to complete by July 2010, has a ground area of 7,000m2 and will be able to accommodate 700 employees

Architect's picture of completed new office building (with 2 phases)


Use various types of specialized tool to achieve high efficiency of engineering

Make good use of standardized tools including OSS tool in devleopment projects to improve productivity and quality

Design and Implementation

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Rational Software
  • UML(Unified Modeling Language)


  • PG Relief
  • JUnit
  • C++ Test
  • Quick Test
  • hp


  • VMware
  • Apache
  • Tomcat

Development Support and Management

  • Mantis
  • SPIF
  • Trac
  • Subversion

Implement quality management at top-level global standard

Implement workflow, quality, security and environment protection according to the top world standard

  • 2003: Passed CMM3 assessment
  • 2004: Passed CMM4 assessment
  • 2006: Passed CMMI5 appraisal
  • 2008: Passed ISO27001 certification
  • 2009: Passed ISO14001 certification