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Fujitsu Tier III+ South China Data Centre

Our Solutions

As the world’s third-largest IT services provider, Fujitsu has 15 years’ experience in intelligent data center design, construction and operation, and data center technology innovation. We can oversee the entire data center lifecycle for customers, from planning, to design, to maintenance. Globally, Fujitsu owns and operates over 100 highly secure, available and fully redundant data centers, with more than 1 million square feet of raised floor space.

Fujitsu’s data centers provide unrivalled infrastructure and offer world-class facilities and carrier-independent, high-bandwidth access in secure and resilient environments. We offer a variety of managed solutions for a diverse range of customers, from start-ups looking for low-cost co-location or web-hosting, to large enterprises seeking to tap Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art data center capabilities.

Our Services

Leveraging our strong business experience in mainland China, Fujitsu provides a range of flexible data center services that fit into the China market in order to meet customers’ specific requirements.
These include:

  • Co-location and hosting services.
  • Managed services such as server management,service desk and IT operational management.
  • Project services on large-scale hardware migration, relocation and site consolidation; design, build and operation of Tier 3+ infrastructure; vendor management services.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Overall facility management, operation management and back-up solutions.

Our Advantages

  • Facility Platform
    • Total gross floor area of over 12,000 square meters which can house up to 1,000 server racks.
    • By applying geothermal techniques, the data center uses the natural environment as a cooling agent to reduce heat generated by the server racks.
    • 24x7 real-time supervision over server rack temperature and power consumption.
  • The Highest Standards of Safety and Reliability
    • Awarded 99.999% power supply reliability rating, the highest standard in China, to maintain 24x7 operations.
    • Equipped with Diesel Rotary UPS to ensure operations remain uninterrupted in the event of a power outage.
    • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) and non-harmful IG541 Inergen Gas fire equipment.  
  • Comprehensive Security Systems
    • The entire data centre building is equipped with fiber fence, IC card and CCTV systems.
    • The Fujitsu Biometric Authentication System, PalmSecure, plays a vital role in protecting customers’ information and technology resources.
    • A Building Management System (BMS) monitors and controls facilities 24x7.  
  • Green
    • Diesel Rotary UPS takes just 1.5 seconds to start up and provides huge environmental benefits with the best energy utilization ratio. Operational efficiency can be improved up to 96% with no chemical wastage and low emissions.
    • Use of stable underground temperatures for water cooling reduces the load on the air-conditioning system.
    • Other energy-saving equipment such as motion sensors and adiabatic walls.

Our Commitments

  • “F”LEXIBLE – the only data center in South China that offers tailor-made solutions for customers, from half a rack to an entire room.
  • “S”ECURE – the most sophisticated and comprehensive data center security systems and processes in China.
  • “C”OST EFFECTIVE – the highest quality data center solutions at the most reasonable cost.
  • “T”RANSPARENT – We provide all data center documentation to our customers as required.

Contact Fujitsu South China Data Center

icon_phone Tel: +86-757-6686-8088