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System Memory


FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) is a non-volatile memory, which has the features of high-speed writing, low-power consumption and high endurance. Fujitsu Semiconductor can provide you the various kinds of FRAM products such as FRAM standalone memory, FRAM Microcontroller and FRAM RFID.


FCRAM (Fast Cycle RAM) is a random access memory featuring low power consumption, and has PSRAM(Pseudo SRAM) interface or Low Power SDR/DDR SDRAM interface in product family.

ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) reram-overview

A form of non-volatile memory in which a pulse voltage is applied to a metal oxide thin film, creating massive changes in resistance to record ones and zeros. With a simple structure of metal oxide placed between electrodes, the manufacturing process is very simple, while still offering such excellent features as low power consumption and fast write. Featuring memory with the industry's lowest read current, optimal for wearable devices and hearing aids.