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Upgrade business through AI

Chinese Technology Forum 2017 at Emeishan Sichuan successfully hosted by Fujitsu R&D Center

Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co. Ltd.

Emeishan, Sichuan province, China, August 24, 2017 banner

Fujitsu R&D Center Co., Ltd. (FRDC) successfully hosted its annual Chinese Technology Forum (FRDC-CTF 2017) at Hongzhushan Hotel in Emeishan, Sichuan Province, China.

Industrial upgrading is the only road to sustaining and high-speed development of China's economy. As an cutting-edge technology, Artificial Intelligence(AI) casts great effects on all industries of our society. It contains both opportunities and challenges for Fujitsu to consider how to utilize ICT technologies represented by AI to help the acceleration of business upgrading and devote on Chinese economy improvement. FRDC-CTF2017 invited nearly 200 experts from government, universities and corporations to discuss applications of AI on industries as transportation, culture, communication and medical around the theme of “Upgrade business through AI”. Experts and scholars made excellent presentations.


Shigeru Sasaki, CEO and Representative Director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Chairman of FRDC.


From left, Shigeru Sasaki, CEO and Representative Director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.; Toshio Hirose, Corporate Executive Officer and SVP, Head of Asia Region, Fujitsu Limited; Satoshi Naoi, President of FRDC

From Internet to Big Data, from “Internet plus” to Artificial Intelligence, technology hot spots emerge frequently which is dizzying for all. Prof. Zhou Aoying, the vice president of East China Normal University made a speech named “New Era, Economy, New Engineering, New Major -- Data Science and Engineering Discipline and Its Construction” and elaborated viewpoints as “Internet changes the world”, “Inter-communication give birth to new economy” and “Data is power” which were based on the experience of the establishing of Data Institute and Data Discipline in East China Normal University.

Visual perception is a very important issue in the area of AI. While as the essential media of information communication, intelligence recording and cultural spreading, text is the foremost method for us to know the world, and it is the “eye” of AI. Professor Jin Lianwen, Dean of School of Electronic and Information Engineering, South University of Technology made his presentation of “An intelligent eye in AI area” and introduced the status quo, existed issues and challenges of Chinese character recognition technology.

With the rapid development of new technologies and applications of Internet, the capacity and scale of Optical network continue to expand. The complexity of control and management keeps enlargement. On-demand-transmission increases urgently and the future trends of intelligent Optical network confronts with serious challenges. Based on technologies of AI, Professor Zhang Jie from Institute of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication proposed a solution named self-optimizing Optical Networks, SOON, which combines AI and Optical networking, aims at utilizing the innovation method provided by AI to realize the self-optimizing and performance improvement of optical network transmission and the capability of control, improves optical network into more highly intelligence and dynamical flexible, in his presentation entitled “Self-optimizing Optical Networks Technologies based on AI”.

The innovation and integration of AI and transportation are the key direction of “the New Generation of AI Development Plan” promulgated by the State Council. "Intelligence Networking" is the basic course for the future development of intelligent transportation. Mr. Fengyi, the director of wireless technology research lab of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, gave a talk entitled “A New Era of Intelligent Networking -- Mobile Communications Help Intelligent Transportation”. He elaborated Unicom as one of the three domestic operators, how to use the current market advantages of intelligent networking vehicles, and actively upgrade the transformation, in-depth development of the research and business development of vehicle networking technology.

The application of AI in the automotive field will eventually achieve "unmanned driving". In the next 24 months, unmanned driving will certainly set off a revolution, and the first scene of unmanned driving will be in the area of "car sharing." With the theme of "The Future of Automobile Sharing and Artificial Intelligence", Ms. Liu, vice president of EZZY, a pioneer of domestic automobile sharing company, expounds the application of AI in the field of automobile sharing and future unmanned driving by sharing the actual experience of automobile industrial distribution and application.

Medical treatment is one of the most popular fields in the application of AI. AI technology is very important to promote the development of medical informatization. Medical Informatization has unique requirements in data interaction, information management and system security. Mr. Huanghao, deputy director of information department of Daping hospital, gave a talk entitled “Requirements and Challenges of Medical AI”. He took Daping hospital as an example, introduced systematically the present situation, requirements and prospect of medical Artificial Intelligence informatization.

Fujitsu Group speakers included Shigeru Sasaki, CEO and Representative Director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.; Toshio Hirose, Corporate Executive Officer and SVP, Head of Asia Region, Fujitsu Limited; Hirotaka Hara, Corporate Executive Officer and SVP, Fujitsu Limited; Toshihiko Morita, Fellow of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.; Masayuki Kato, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.; Dr. Tsuneo Nakata, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, Ltd., collectively presented overviews of Fujitsu Group business and R&D activities, and the applications in new domains in Chinese market. During the forum, Fujitsu Automotive Business Unit, PFU Limited and FRDC also demonstrated many R&D achievements and products.


Panel discussion


Demos of FRDC and Fujitsu group companies

Since 1999, FRDC had annually held an Academic Network serving for experts and scholars from Chinese universities. In 2009, this meeting was upgraded to Chinese Technology Forum (CTF) to further promote the contribution of R&D results to Chinese society. We expanded the participants from scholars in universities to experts of government agencies, institutes, technology enterprises and Fujitsu Laboratories Group of Japan, the U.S. and the UK. In the forum we share our opinions about cutting-edge technologies, update research progress and business tendency. It is a platform for us to communicate current applications and future development of technologies. CTF has lasted for 9 years with nearly 200 participants this year and the forum has always been favorably commented on by the participants.

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Press Release ID: 2017-08-24
Date: 24 August, 2017
City: Emeishan, Sichuan province, China
Company: Fujitsu R&D Center Co., Ltd.