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Human Rights Statement

Fujitsu Group Human Rights Statement

Fujitsu group recognizes that the respect for human rights is an integral part of social responsibility of a global company. The advancement of global economy and digital society enlarges the sphere of business influences on people and society. In this circumstance, we develop the Fujitsu Group Human Rights Statement in order to continuously strengthen the activities to respect human rights in accordance with the FUJITSU Way. We will strive to pursue the responsibility to respect human rights under the global matrix structure.

Fujitsu Group Human Rights Statement

The Fujitsu Group ("FUJITSU") is committed to respecting human rights of all stakeholders related to our business operations, products and services ("activities") in accordance with the FUJITSU Way, which embodies the philosophy of FUJITSU and the values and principles that we follow in our daily activities. This document summarizes FUJITSU's position on key human rights issues based upon the FUJITSU Way's code of conduct statement "We respect human rights."

1. Global Approach
Our business approaches to human rights recognize the importance of international standards, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We are committed to comply with local laws and regulations protecting human rights in our activities. Where local laws and regulations are not fully consistent with the principles of internationally recognized human rights, we will seek ways to advance those principles in a manner respectful of local requirements.

2. Human Rights Due Diligence
Recognizing the United Nations Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights, we are striving to conduct human rights due diligence. Considering the impacts human rights violation can cause, we will prioritize appropriate actions to identify, prevent or mitigate those impacts in our value chains. We will regularly review and update the progress on our efforts, and annually communicate the results through our CSR report and other communication tools. Where we identify that we have caused or directly contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we would engage in appropriate remediation processes by ourselves or in cooperation with other stakeholders.

3. Responsibilities as an ICT Company
ICT penetrates into every corner of human society, and can empower people by delivering information that can aid their actions and judgments. As a leading ICT provider, we strive to leverage the power of ICT to have a positive impact on human rights, although we recognize the negative impacts that ICT may cause in our rapidly changing environment. We will engage with our stakeholders on emerging issues, such as data security and privacy, in furtherance of our responsibilities as an ICT provider.

4. Embedding Human Rights
We will continuously conduct awareness-raising efforts about the responsibility to respect human rights within FUJITSU in accordance with the FUJITSU Way. We value stakeholder collaborations and a culture of diversity and inclusion to contribute to the sustainable development of society and to help us promote innovation.

FUJITSU Guiding Principles of Respect for Human Rights in Employment

In the "FUJITSU Guiding Principles of Respect for Human Rights in Employment", Fujitsu is thoroughly Committed to providing equal opportunity, respecting human rights in employment practices, eliminating discrimination, and banning forced labor and child labor.

FUJITSU Guiding Principles of Respect for Human Rights in Employment (Full Text)

With a view to realizing our growth and profits, respect for human rights must be an integral part of our business culture. FUJITSU is committed to creating a culture in which employees respect the dignity and worth of individuals.

To this end, FUJITSU will strive to foster respect for human rights in all the countries and regions where we operate our business while providing an environment that encourages employees to understand and realize importance of human rights.

1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Respect for Human Rights
FUJITSU strives to provide equal employment opportunities.
FUJITSU is committed to treat our employees with no illegal discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, social status, lineage, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation and any other legally protected category that is unrelated to the legitimate interests of FUJITSU.

2. Compliance with Employment Laws and Regulations
FUJITSU adheres to the applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates in treating our employees.

3. Prohibition of Forced Labor / Child Labor
FUJITSU will not use any form of forced or compulsory labor.

4. Work Environment
FUJITSU strives to achieve and maintain a healthy and safe work environment that motivates its employees.