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Fujitsu is taking up the challenge of Human-Centric Innovation to create happiness for people.

Pursuing Sustainability as Part of Top Management's Mission

Picture: Fujitsu Limited President and Representative Director Tatsuya Tanaka
President and Representative Director
President and Representative Director Tatsuya Tanaka

As a company, Fujitsu places people at the center of its business operations as part of our goal to create human happiness. The vision of the human centric innovation we seek is, "To firmly support an active society with Fujitsu's technology and services." I believe that to realize this, it is necessary to contribute to sustainable developments from three perspectives.

The first is the sustainable development of Earth and mankind. With humans currently exerting an environmental burden on the Earth of approximately 1.5 planets, it is clear that society's development is not sustainable under current conditions. Furthermore, population influx to urban areas is accelerating. Problems such as energy shortages, air pollution, and developed countries' aging populations are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to leave behind an Earth where the next generation of people can live in happiness through the innovations created by ICT, productivity of society as a whole, including that of developing nations, must be improved.

The second perspective is sustainable development within a digital society. ICT is a resource and it is invaluable for sustaining society and businesses. Just as clean water and stable energy provision are essential for people to live happily, resources such as personal information and business data must be handled appropriately in a digital society. As part of our corporate social responsibility as an ICT corporation, Fujitsu is working together with the relevant worldwide organizations to address problems such as cyber attacks in order to protect a reliable and safe telecommunications network environment.

And the last perspective is Fujitsu's own sustainable developments. To gain a social license to operate, Fujitsu supports UN Global Compact's 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption as its signatory. Additionally, Fujitsu makes use of the ISO 26000 framework. We have adopted a Global Matrix structure and are devoting ourselves to the review and improvement of socially responsible activities with zero tolerance for exceptions.

With these three perspectives in mind, I will hold us to the expectations and requests of our global customers and stakeholders, and will put into action business management that supports sustainable development.