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Special Feature 2: 6 Key Persons Speak Out: Making Use of a Variety of Managerial Resources

Six Key Persons Speak Out: Making Use of a Variety of Managerial Resources

Financial AccountingTechnology and Service VisionEnvironmentHuman ResourcesResearch and DevelopmentInformation Security

Financial Accounting : Through the application of IFRS, we are undertaking information disclosure in line with global standards. Kazuo Yuasa Executive Vice President Finance Division and IFRS Office Corporate Finance Unit

Fujitsu has set the global expansion of its business domains as one of the pillars of its medium-term management plan, and has expressed its intent to globally strengthen its human resources development, site improvement and expansion, M&A, and other strategies.

From the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Fujitsu has voluntarily applied the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in its consolidated financial reporting, and will conduct information disclosure in line with global standards. Our aim is to achieve consistent business management domestically and overseas through IFRS. Recent years have brought global demands for companies to disclose not only financial information but also non-financial information that indicates growth potential from a medium-to-long-term perspective, such as the companies' environmental stance and relationship with society. Responding to this shift, Fujitsu is investigating appropriate disclosure of information to its investors and other stakeholders.

Chart: Performance Targets under the New Medium-Term Plan

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Technology and Service Vision : As a foundation for all corporate activities, Fujitsu set out concepts of technology, products, and services which will support a Human Centric Intelligent Society. Yoshikuni Takashige Vice President Portfolio Strategy Div., Marketing Unit

In April 2013, the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision (FT&SV) was released defining our vison of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, realized through technology and service concepts embodied by our portfolio of offerings. Human Centric Innovation, our core value proposition, is detailed in the 2014 edition of FT&SV (revised and released in April 2014). It is a new approach to innovation, where new value is created by bringing together three key dimensions: people, information, and infrastructure. FT&SV underpins the entire operation of Fujitsu Group worldwide. In order to deliver the values set out within FT&SV, we will strengthen our business execution structures and resources globally, thereby enhancing research and development as well as sales and production capabilities.

Chart: The Values Offered by Fujitsu

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Environment : As we engage in our Environment Action Plan, our highest priority is on working through our business to expand the reduction of GHG emissions to customers and all of society. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi Vice President Green Strategy Div., Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit

The Fujitsu Group, which has pursued the principle of "operating in harmony with nature" since its founding, positions global environmental preservation as a priority management issue. As deploying ICT in an intelligent manner enables more efficient use of resources and energy and can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, Fujitsu Group aims to expand the use of ICT throughout society. At the same time, we will develop and offer products with excellent energy efficiency and work to expand their use by customers and society.

As the environmental impact reductions that we have undertaken also have an effect in reducing costs, we are extending their scope to include datacenters, which undergo rising environmental impacts and operating costs as our cloud business grows, and advancing our activities aimed at reducing impacts. Finally, through FY2015, we will engage in our Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII), which aims to reduce both our own environmental impacts and those of society.

Chart: Amount of Contribution to Reducing GHG Emissions through the Provision of ICT: Our Targets and Performance and Trends in GHG emissions

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Human Resources : While formulating a human resource strategy for achieving our vision, Fujitsu has begun building a global personnel platform. Hiroshi Hayashi Executive Vice President Head of Global Human Resources Unit

From April 2014, the Fujitsu Group is building a five-region structure directly under the President for strengthening our global business, and is speeding up decision-making related to cooperation and cultivation of market strategies in each region. To formulate a human resource strategy that will achieve our business strategies and vision, Fujitsu's Human Resources Strategy Committee, which is composed of Corporate Executive Vice Presidents and higher-level management, deliberates on themes such as how the company should address global human resources foundation and training programs.

To achieve the deployment of the right global human resources in the right places, Fujitsu is also undertaking development of a global personnel platform that will unify the bases for our employee compensation systems. To promote diversity, we are also working to improve environments for participation by diverse human resources, regardless of nationality, gender, age, disabilities, or values.

Chart: Reviewing Our Business Structure to Strengthen Global Business

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Research and Development : To achieve our vision, Fujitsu is formulating a roadmap and undertaking research and development in each of four domains of innovation. Masayuki Kato Head of R&D Strategy and Planning Office, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Toward the realization of Fujitsu’s vision of Human Centric Intelligent Society, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. engages in research and development under three approaches: support forjudgment and action through ICT (Human Empowerment), the creation of knowledge through the use of information (Creative Intelligence), and optimization through the connection of people, things, and social infrastructure (Connected Infrastructure). Together with a shared platform to support these, we have formulated a research and development roadmap for each of four innovation domains, and are promoting and using open innovation together with universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas. At the same time, we will accumulate research results based on the use of the above in commercialization, standardization, and other efforts, and will work to secure technological superiority.

Themes of Leading Research

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Information Security : We have organized an expert security team to achieve a cloud with high safety and reliability. Masayuki Okuhara Director Security Technology Center, Cyber Defence Office Cloud Business Unit

While a hyper-connected world generates opportunities to change business and society, it also increases the threats of cyber attacks and leakage of personal private information. In order to realize its vision of a comfortable and safe network society, Fujitsu is focusing on information security that supports ICT. One representative initiative is Fujitsu Cloud CERT*, a dedicated cloud security team established to protect cloud services, which handle customers' valuable assets, from security incidents. This team, which has official consent from Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.) to use the CERT name, is the first cloud CERT organization in the world. In January 2014, Fujitsu also established the Security Initiative Center, offering one-stop support for the drafting of customers’ medium-to-long-term security strategies and the execution of specific measures. From here on out, Fujitsu will achieve ICT environments for the ongoing maintenance of high-level security in terms of both organization and technology.

The Activities of Fujitsu Cloud CERT

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A Global Business Platform : Global datacenters, Global delivery centers