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Human Resource and Career Development

Human Resource Development

The employees of Fujitsu Group are our biggest assets, and we believe that each individual is full of potential. Fujitsu is committed to planned and continuous human resource development using various approaches, so that its employees can enhance their abilities and specialties through work to grow as individuals and learn to take on challenges and adapt to the intense changes and competition in society.

Guidelines for Human Resource Development

To develop high-level human resources, the Human Resources Development Unit of the Fujitsu Group collaborates with each business group and Human Resources Unit, and the Group has implemented systematic education programs emphasizing the following four principles.

Image: Four Major Themes of Human Resource Development

Promotion System

The Fujitsu has established a Human Resources Strategy Committee, comprising executives at the management level and above. The committee regularly discusses Fujitsu's human resources approach for implementing its vision and business strategies. The human resources development office handles the human resources development approaches, as well as common human resources development programs across the entire company. At the human resources development Div., the unit conducts training to enhance the specialization of the employees in the fields they are involved in.

The group companies, Fujitsu University Limited, and Fujitsu Learning Media Limited, both specializing in education, carry out the training sessions.

Human Resources Development System

Chart: Human Resources Development System
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Measures and Achievements

Educational System

From new employees to executives, we provide common education focused on foundation training for individual positions and roles, as well as specialized training to improve the specialization of various departments and occupations. We also provide self-development support for employees who wish to carry out self-learning. For the foundational training, we incorporate the Management By Belief* ideology across all ranks to provide consistent training.

Management By Belief:
A new management method concept advocated by Honorary Professor Ikujiro Nonaka of Hitotsubashi University, where all employees engage in their work with a sense of emotional involvement.

Image: Human Resource Development Curriculum

Average Hours Dedicated to Training Per Employee (Fujitsu)
  Executive Employees Ordinary Employees Total Average
FY2013 39.5 Hours 44.3 Hours 43.1 Hours

Global Business Leader Training

With the aim of long-term development, Fujitsu selects personnel with high potential among the young to mid-range employees, and provides opportunities for growth through action learning through practice and experiencing tough situations (being placed in a challenging position) as the pillars of their training. Additionally, to expand its business in the field of innovation, Fujitsu is strengthening its organizational framework and human resources development so as to promote collaboration with various personnel to generate business opportunities.

Chart: Development System for Global Business Leacers
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Picture: GKI/A DiscussionGKI/A Discussion

At the core of the global leader development are the "Global Knowledge Institute Advanced course (GKI/A)" and "Global Knowledge Institute - design, development, disruptive course (GKI-d)," both started in 2000, with a total of over 1,000 graduates as of FY2014 in Japan and abroad.

Efforts for Global Human Resource Development to Meet Demands in the Field

In addition to group-wide efforts, Fujitsu is carrying out global human resource development at each department with an emphasis on specialization closer to their respective fields.

Sales Department
  • Fujitsu is carrying out hands-on training via short-term location training and facility stationing experience.
    [9 employees in 2014, scheduled to grow to 40 employees in FY2015]
  • An e-learning/collective training course to enhance global communication abilities is scheduled for FY2015.
Integration Services Department
  • Fujitsu is implementing various training adjusted to each employee's TOEIC levels to develop global business practitioners. Additionally, they are conducting overseas business trips (OJT) to overseas business facilities for selected trainees.
    [FY2014 282 trainees, 15 overseas business trips (OJT) trainees]
Service Platform Department
  • Fujitsu has dispatched employees to overseas business facilities and incubators for the short term to accelerate the development of employees with global experience and values amongst the rapidly changing industry structure and market.
    [37 employees in FY2014]
Global Corporate Department
  • Fujitsu is carrying out overseas dispatching focusing on various fields of expertise, such as dispatching employees from the legal department to overseas law schools, as well as employees from the intellectual property department to overseas patent firms.

Promoting Professionalism

(1) Professional Certification System

At the Fujitsu Group, we have established a certification system for professionals to develop in various specialized fields. Every year, a screening process takes place via an essay-writing exercise and interviews. In addition to new certifications, we hold regular screenings for certificate renewals to help employees retain their skills.

Furthermore, certified employees engage in community activities in various categories to further enhance their own skills, distribute information, and mentor their successors.

Professional Certification Categories (FY2014, including group companies)

  1. Sales: 318 certified employees
    Strategy/Account Management/Solutions
  2. System Engineers: 1,901 certified employees
    Consulting/Project Management/Business Architecture/IT Architecture/Service Management/Quality Management/Product Architecture/IP Management
  3. Engineers: 462 certified employees
    Product Planning/Architecture Development/Hardware and Firmware Development/Software Development/Manufacturing and Production Skills/Quality Assurance Skills

(2) Security Meister Certification System

In this modern age, the threat of cyber attacks is diversifying and advancing. As part of its efforts to protect its customers' information assets, Fujitsu selects and certifies technicians with high technical skills, and deploys them to the field. In the certification system, Fujitsu has defined 3 regions and 15 types of human resource models to meet the needs of the field, and holds specialized educational courses for each human resource model. Fujitsu has also developed a new technician development program incorporating the cyber range. Furthermore, through the sharing of knowledge among experts, Fujitsu increases the skills of certified technicians even after certification.

Career Development Support

Career Development Support

The Fujitsu Group has established specific organizations to support the self-initiated career development of employees.

Career Seminar

In collaboration with organizations specializing in education, Fujitsu hosts career seminars for all employees including managers to plan their career paths, with annual attendees exceeding over 1,000.

Image: Career Seminar System

Career Counseling

Fujitsu provides counseling by a specialized career counselor for employees who wish to expand their career options or are considering options to excel externally.

Internal Recruiting Program/Free Agent (FA) Program

To help employees choose the direction of their careers, Fujitsu has established the following measures and aims to create a stimulating corporate culture, self-initiated career promotion, and optimal placement of employees by providing employees additional career-advancing opportunities.

Internal Recruiting Program

The Fujitsu Group's internal recruiting program posts job openings and target employee qualifications on our intranet, with the openings categorized by projects in fields in need of stronger personnel, focused reinforcement, etc. Widely soliciting employees across the Group for job posts leads to more active utilization of our human resources and greater discovery of employee skills and talents that are not as readily accessed through our primary employee placement system. The in-house promotion program has been implemented twice annually since 1993 and is now firmly established. To date, approximately 3,000 employees (as of the end of FY 2014) have changed positions through this program.

Free Agent (FA) Program

In addition to the in-house promotion program, the Group also has a program that puts more emphasis on an employee's own goals and volition, allowing employees to choose on their own to apply for a different position. The program gives the opportunity to move into a desired position or department, provided that the employee has a specified level of experience. This program has been implemented once a year since 2003 and approximately 600 employees (as of the end of FY 2014) have transferred positions as a result.

Active Support of Senior Employees

In addition to the above, employees who wish to seek opportunity outside of Fujitsu are changing careers and succeeding in the new companies/organizations, with the support from our specialized career counselors. Furthermore, with the post-retirement re-employment system, Fujitsu caters flexibly to the varied needs of seniors, such as providing work-life balance and nursing care.