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  4. Giving you greater flexibility with reduced end user management effort

End User Services

The right solution for your business

Fujitsu End User Services is an innovative, managed solution that enables your staff to work more productively – whenever and wherever they choose. We apply the right services to meet your specific needs to make it possible to deliver a compute and communications experience that’s personalized for each and every employee, at scale.

What if you could transform your workplace

  • At a pace that suits your business?
  • Where there’s an opportunity to demonstrate the value of IT?
  • While minimizing the risks of change?

A single blended service - as mobile as your people need to be

Using any device – tablet PC, smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, your people can access all the applications, data and communications tools they need – in the right place, at the right time. Plus, our service is centrally managed and securely delivered to give you peace of mind.

Fujitsu End User Services is delivered as a single blended service. We apply the best-fit model from the services below to satisfy the different roles and requirements of your users.

Virtual Client Services

Virtual Client Services
At the heart of Fujitsu End User Services is our proven approach to desktop virtualization, enabling us to run and manage operating systems, applications, user settings and data centrally. Compute and communications are presented back to each user securely and seamlessly – with a service that’s device and location aware.

Classic Client Services

Classic Client Services
A more traditional and rich client service – for employees that require localized access to applications and data. We even provide complete lifecycle management on your behalf.

Managed Mobile

Mobile géré
Our mobile application and device management uses enterprise-class cloud services to manage, support and control your mobile environment – from policy management to security controls.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications and Collaboration Services
We provide integrated voice, email and instant messaging for a complete communications and collaboration environment – all run and managed centrally from the data center. It ensures a seamless, high-quality experience for every user.

How we mobilize your workforce

Fujitsu End User Services help mobilizing your workforce. It is delivered seamlessly to ensure a high-quality user experience across all devices including bring-your-own device (BYOD) – from virtualizing your apps and keeping your data safe, to giving your business all the support it needs.

Success stories and customer voices

From government organizations to airline carriers, enterprises globally depend on our End User Services. Read how we are transforming businesses today.

Why choose Fujitsu to manage your end user computing environment?

  • Blended end-to-end service
    Fujitsu is the only service provider delivering a virtualized blended service at scale today. Our end-to-end service covers desktop and mobile, communication and collaboration, with solutions that are device, carrier and data-source agnostic. We bring together your applications, data and communications into a single and secure virtualized environment to deliver a performance you can rely on.
  • Livraison mondiale
    La présence internationale de Fujitsu nous permet de fournir des services informatiques partout dans le monde et est renforcée par l'une des infrastructures informatiques les plus importantes de la planète. Global Delivery Centers support our customers in more than 41 languages and with a local presence in 70 countries.
  • Best shoring
    A combination of on-site, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore teams means we can lower your costs and provide you with the highest service standards possible – wherever you’re operating around the world.
  • Evolutivité :
    We advocate a modular approach so you have the capacity and flexibility to scale up or down the services you need in response to growing consumerization and mobility among your workforce.
  • Partnerships
    Because of our strategic partnerships with vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft and Cisco, we provide a single point of expertise and ownership, for a solution that’s tailored to your individual business needs.
  • Innovation
    You can rely on cost-competitive, reliable services built on decades of experience in running desktop estates all around the world coupled with a commitment to innovation.