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Flexible scalability

ETERNUS LT250 and LT270 S2 tape libraries provide configuration flexibility that allows you to choose the number of drives and cells to match your system requirements. ETERNUS LT250 and LT270 S2 support three types of drives, Ultrium 4 (120MB/sec), Ultrium 5 (140MB/sec) and Ultrium6 (160MB/sec). These drives are expandable from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 20. Importantly, for legacy operation, three types of drives can be mixed in the same unit.
License keys let you expand the number of available cells. This ensures faster tape cartridge addition than the traditional cell options method of expansion. Importantly the flexible addition of drives, cells and expansion cabinets is possible on your site. In addition the configuration of your ETERNUS LT250 and LT270 S2 can easily be changed; either for capacity expansion or performance improvement; while flexibility is maintained to accommodate future data growth.

As described above, ETERNUS LT250 and LT270 S2 tape libraries have the flexibly to meet the ongoing demands of your important financial and other business critical systems.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries LT250, LT270, LT270 S2

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