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  7. Online high-speed backup/recovery for GlobalServer environments

Online high-speed backup/recovery for GlobalServer environments

ETERNUS disk storage systems provide Advanced Copy functions that enable server-less volume copying within the disk storage system unit. Used in cooperation with backup software that supports continuous system operation, these Advanced Copy functions significantly minimize the time taken for backup or recovery.

The Equivalent Copy function, Advanced Copy(EC), is used by the disk storage system to create a backup volume equivalent to the online source volume. This is done in parallel to online operations.
By this method, data backup, which traditionally takes several hours, can be performed within the disk storage system in several minutes. Then replicated data can be backed up to a tape library at anytime. Such combinations of ETERNUS disk storage systems and a tape library enables high-capacity long-term data storage in 24 x 7 environments.
In the case where an online volume is corrupted, data can be quickly recovered from the backup volumes using the One Point Copy function, Advanced Copy(OPC). This means the online service can restart immediately.

high-speed backup recovery


  • Significantly minimizes backup window
  • Enables high-speed recovery
  • Reduces the amount of data archived by differential backup features
  • Stores multiple volumes in a tape cartridge for efficient storage space use
  • Provides file-level recovery from tape media

Product Requirements

Supported Disk Storage Systems ETERNUS DX8700 S3
ETERNUS DX8000 series
Backup Tape Library ETERNUS LT270/LT270 S2
Supported Servers GlobalServer (MSP/XSP)