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Fujitsu Upgrades Entry-Level Tape Libraries With Next Generation Tape Drives

ETERNUS LT20, LT40 and LT60 with LTO-5 tape drives save SME customers space, time and costs

Regensdorf, July 15, 2010
Fujitsu today announces that its ETERNUS LT20, LT40 and LT60 tape libraries will be equipped with the next generation of tape drives. Fujitsu will provide especially SME customers as well as enterprise customers, doing backup at remote sites, with the brand new tape drive technology. Thanks to the LTO-5 drives, Fujitsu’s well-proven entry-level models will tremendously speed up reading or writing on tape, while at the same time they are reducing media slots and, consequently, costs for storing data. Customers benefit from the technology upgrade in many ways: Providing up to 3 TB of storage capacity, each LTO-5 tape reduces the number of tapes needed in total and enables industry leading capacities of now almost twice that of LTO-4 and four times that of LTO-3. For small and medium-sized businesses this means they can store more data in the same library footprint, saving on power, cooling and deferring library upgrades. But this improvement does not only mean less costs for tapes: For customers that want to invest in a completely new infrastructure, it means having to buy a much smaller system with more capacity on less tape. In total, the new technology is supposed to cut down spending on media at around 63 percent. Energy efficiency is a further benefit: LTO-5 drives provide power savings even with performance increase compared to the previous generations. The new drives offer faster throughput, expanded speed matching and increased data buffer size, and thus are central component of a more powerful, capable backup solution. In terms of security, LTO-5 drives help addressing compliance requirements with its WORM and encryption capability. At the same time, customers with an existing infrastructure can rely on a future-proof concept: LTO standards-compatibility helps offer long-term tape infrastructure investment protection, as it provides the capability to read LTO-3 and read as well as write LTO-4 media. Dr Helmut Beck, Vice President Storage Business at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: «The new LTO-5 underlines once again the power of innovation that drives tape technology. Just as it was with the previous generations, we are now ready – after a number of comprehensive tests – to offer our customers LTO-5 at a very early stage. Small and medium-sized companies especially will benefit from the tremendously increased capacity of the new tape drives, which enables companies to bring their storage architecture up to date and save storage costs.» The ETERNUS LT20, LT40 and LT60 tape libraries with the new LTO tape drives will be available worldwide from July 15, 2010. More information on the new models is available on the web at: Please also visit us on our social media channels: Twitter: Facebook: ---- Ende----------- Über Fujitsu Fujitsu ist einer der führenden internationalen Anbieter von IT-basierten Geschäftslösungen. Mit rund 175.000 Mitarbeitern betreut das Unternehmen Kunden in 70 Ländern. Ein weltweites Netzwerk von System- und Services-Experten, hochverlässliche Computer- und Kommunikationsprodukte und modernste Mikroelektronik liefern den Kunden einen echten Mehrwert. Im Geschäftsjahr 2008 (zum 31. März 2009) erzielte Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) mit Hauptsitz in Tokio, Japan, einen konsolidierten Jahresumsatz von 4,6 Billionen Yen (47 Milliarden US-Dollar). Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Internet unterÜber Fujitsu Technology Solutions Fujitsu Technology Solutions ist der führende europäische IT-Infrastruktur-Anbieter. Mit seinem Angebot für Grossunternehmen, kleine und mittelständische Firmen sowie für Privatkunden ist das Unternehmen in allen Schlüsselmärkten Europas, Afrikas, des Nahen Ostens und auch in Indien vertreten. Im Rahmen seiner strategischen Ausrichtung auf «Dynamic Infrastructures» bietet das Unternehmen ein umfassendes Portfolio an IT-Produkten, Lösungen und Services – von PCs und Notebooks über Rechenzentrumslösungen bis hin zu Managed Infrastructure und Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Fujitsu Technology Solutions beschäftigt über 10.000 Mitarbeiter und ist Teil der globalen Fujitsu Gruppe. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Internet unter

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