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Fujitsu First to Market with Full Line-up of LED Displays

Entire monitor range refreshed with sleek, power-saving LED displays

Regensdorf, July 27, 2010

Fujitsu is the first to market with a full range of slimline, power-saving monitors that feature the newest LED display technology. Providing unbeaten dynamic contrast for flat-screen monitors, Fujitsu is introducing a choice of LED displays ranging from the economy 19-inch to the wide-screen 27-inch model. [1] Offering an improved viewing experience for everything from a spreadsheet through to an action-packed movie on Blu-ray, the new SL and L line LED displays from Fujitsu are easy on the eye as they deliver deeper contrasts and richer, more realistic colors. Making the switch from CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) to LED (light-emitting diode) backlighting for flat-screen displays is also easy on the environment. LED backlighting consumes less power, providing energy consumption savings of up to 46 percent [2], and allows the complete phase out of the hazardous substance mercury from the manufacturing process [3]. The thinner displays allow raw material use during manufacturing to be cut by around 25 percent, and they are lighter and smaller to transport. Two full lines of LED displays At launch, Fujitsu is introducing two lines of ultra-high contrast LED displays, while LED lighting for a wider range of displays is in the works. SL Line models feature dual HDMI connectors for optimal digital high-definition display brilliance, and a power-saving ECO mode. The L Line features built-in speakers and an on-screen display (OSD) menu in 16 languages, while the premium SL Line adds digital 5.1 HDMI audio output for surround sound systems and a wider range of options to fine-tune the display via touch-sensitive OSD controls. «LED backlighting provides a rich viewing experience and has the lightest environmental footprint,” says Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “Even under the harshest lighting conditions, the LED displays provide high contrast and brilliant colors.» Fujitsu is the first vendor to introduce LED backlighting technology across a full range of displays, from the 19- and 20-inch entry-level models through to the widescreen 22-inch and 27-inch units. LED monitors are available across the CEMEA&I region (Central Europe, Middle East, Africa & India) from late July. Pricing will be announced at launch and is expected to be comparable to equivalent size CCFL-lit monitors. Notes to Editors: [1] Prices and earliest delivery dates will vary by country. [2] A 2006 Fujitsu 19”W LL3190W model drew 33W, while the new L19T-1 LED model draws 17.7W, a saving of 46 percent. The average lifespan of a display is 7.5 years, according to market research by the GfK group. [3] Fujitsu’s own data. For further information, please see: Fujitsu SL and L Line displays: Face2Fujitsu blog: images and photography, please see: Fujitsu SL Line displays:

Fujitsu L Line displays: ---- Ende----------- Über Fujitsu Fujitsu ist einer der führenden internationalen Anbieter von IT-basierten Geschäftslösungen. Mit rund 175.000 Mitarbeitern betreut das Unternehmen Kunden in 70 Ländern. Ein weltweites Netzwerk von System- und Services-Experten, hochverlässliche Computer- und Kommunikationsprodukte und modernste Mikroelektronik liefern den Kunden einen echten Mehrwert. Im Geschäftsjahr 2008 (zum 31. März 2009) erzielte Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) mit Hauptsitz in Tokio, Japan, einen konsolidierten Jahresumsatz von 4,6 Billionen Yen (47 Milliarden US-Dollar). Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Internet unterÜber Fujitsu Technology Solutions Fujitsu Technology Solutions ist der führende europäische IT-Infrastruktur-Anbieter. Mit seinem Angebot für Grossunternehmen, kleine und mittelständische Firmen sowie für Privatkunden ist das Unternehmen in allen Schlüsselmärkten Europas, Afrikas, des Nahen Ostens und auch in Indien vertreten. Im Rahmen seiner strategischen Ausrichtung auf «Dynamic Infrastructures» bietet das Unternehmen ein umfassendes Portfolio an IT-Produkten, Lösungen und Services – von PCs und Notebooks über Rechenzentrumslösungen bis hin zu Managed Infrastructure und Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Fujitsu Technology Solutions beschäftigt über 10.000 Mitarbeiter und ist Teil der globalen Fujitsu Gruppe. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Internet unter

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