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CSR Activities Utilizing ISO 26000

Strengthening Global CSR Management

The Fujitsu Group signed the United Nations Global Compact in December, 2009 and has since taken steps to pursue CSR management in line with global standards. We also submitted our COP (Communication on Progress) at the Advanced level in 2012. In FY 2013, we verified the status of the Fujitsu Group's CSR activities which were covered in the last survey, and launched initiatives for improvement.

ISO 26000 Project organization chart (Project office: CSR Department)
ISO 26000 (The seven core subjects) Department(s) in charge
Organizational Governance FUJITSU Way Unit, Risk Management & Compliance Unit, Global Business Management Unit
Human rights Human Resources Management & Employee Relations Div.
Labor practices Employee Relations Dept.
The Environment Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit
Fair Operating Practices Risk Management & Compliance Unit, Purchasing Unit, Intellectual Property Unit, Global Business Management Unit
Consumer Issues Quality Assurance Unit
Community Involvement and Development Corporate Affairs Div, CSR Department.

1. The Survey for 117 Fujitsu Group Companies

In FY 2012, we conducted a survey of 117 Fujitsu Group companies (80 domestic and 37 overseas; 104 subsidiaries) and reviewed the results at the CSR Promotion Committee.
The survey was composed of items related to the seven core subjects of the ISO 26000 standard, international standards for social responsibility, and items specified in the Governance Checklist used for internal control at the Fujitsu Group.

This survey was sent out to each company in December 2012 by Mr. Masami Fujita, Corporate SEVP & Representative Director as the general director for the project.

Fujitsu Group CSR (ISO26000) / governance questionnaire
Fujitsu Group CSR (ISO26000) / governance questionnaire

2. Survey Results Feedback

Analyzing responses from the Group companies, we have verified the status of activities at each as of FY 2012 and provided feedback to individual companies.
The results show that the issues need to be addressed especially in the area of "Fair Operating Practices," "Consumer Issues," and "Community Involvement & Development."
We had briefing sessions to present these results and provide guidance on ISO 26000 to 50 group companies in Japan (80 participants) and shared the same information with overseas group companies by using a web-based conference system

3. Future Plan

ISO26000 briefing session at Kawasaki Research & Manufacturing Facilities ISO26000 briefing session at Kawasaki Research & Manufacturing Facilities


For improvement and enhancement based on the survey results, we have formed a special team with our Field Innovators and we have identified the issues, using techniques such as "Visualization" and "Logical Analysis," discussed initiatives for improvements. As a first step, we have made decisions about the relevance, importance, and priority of initiatives based on ISO 26000 concepts and selected preferential target areas.
In addition, we have discussed details on significant issues that need to be addressed quickly, such as "Human Rights", "Labor Practices" and "Fair Operating Practices," through analysis of importance and risks for the Fujitsu Group.
With the commitment of top management, the Fujitsu Group will strengthen the Group governance in collaboration with related departments, as well as develop CSR activities, which are being made an integral part of management from a global perspective.

Fig.1: Process for determining priorities based on the survey results of ISO 26000 Fig.2: Overview of Correlation between Importance and Risk

Stakeholder's Message

Takehiko Mizukami CSR Consultant Cre-en Inc. Takehiko Mizukami
CSR ConsultantCre-en Inc.


Take CSR Activities to a Higher Level Globally

Utilizing the ISO 26000 framework, we provided support for creation of the CSR (ISO26000) / governance questionnaire and analysis of survey results at Fujitsu Group companies.

Survey results for 117 Group companies clarified issues for the Fujitsu Group. We think Fujitsu needs to prioritize the issues it addresses and steadily upgrade its CSR management globally, while communicating appropriately with its Group companies.