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Our Approach to CSR

Responding by putting the Fujitsu Way, our corporate philosophy, into practice

Since its establishment in 1935, Fujitsu has contributed to the development of public infrastructure through innovative information and communications technologies. The ideas and spirit of successive leaders who paved the way for the Fujitsu Group's success are condensed and codified in the Fujitsu Way, which forms the core of our management practices.

For the Fujitsu Group, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means putting the Fujitsu Way into practice to address a variety of social issues and contribute to a sustainable, networked society. This requires management to focus not only on financial results, but also on operational excellence through sound corporate governance, and the integrity of the ethical, social, and environmental aspects of business.

With this in mind, the Group promotes a global management style based on the Fujitsu Way, maintaining close communications with all of its various stakeholders. We work to remain highly sensitive to social issues, and to take responsible corporate action.

*1 The Fujitsu Group's Stakeholders:
The Group sees its customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investors, and global and local communities as its stakeholders. Government authorities, NPOs, and NGOs are particularly important stakeholders in these global and local communities.

The Fujitsu Group's Stakeholders