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With Our Shareholders and Investors

Our Basic Stance

Based on the statement "We seek to continuously increase our corporate value" in the Corporate Values of the Fujitsu Way, to raise corporate value and meet the expectations of shareholders and investors, we aim to achieve long-term sustainable growth and profit, and pursue strategic business expansion and focused management, while maintaining a sound financial standing.

We also provide timely and accurate disclosure of our corporate activities and financial information, improving management transparency so that shareholders and investors can better understand how well we perform in increasing corporate value.

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Fujitsu emphasizes fairness and continuity in disclosure of information, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, as well as the rules of the exchanges on which its shares are listed.

Moreover, our policy is to be proactive in disclosing any information that we judge to be effective for helping shareholders, investors and other stakeholders to deepen their understanding of Fujitsu, even if such disclosure is not required by laws, regulations or other rules.

Basic Policy on Returns to Shareholders

Article 40 of Fujitsu Limited's Articles of Incorporation grants the Board of Directors the authority to distribute retained earnings. As part of Fujitsu's basic policy on the exercise of this authority, we believe that a portion of retained earnings should be paid to shareholders to provide a stable return, and that a portion should be retained by the Company to strengthen its financial base and support new business development opportunities that will result in improved long-term performance. In addition, taking into consideration the level of profits, Fujitsu aims to increase the distribution of profits to our shareholders when the financial base is sufficiently strong enough, including through share buybacks.

As for our nonconsolidated performance for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, performance took a downturn at Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd., a subsidiary dealing in semiconductors, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Holding) B.V., a subsidiary in Europe, leading us to post an extraordinary loss. We were also forced to recognize unfunded retirement benefits due to changes to accounting standards at Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC, a British subsidiary. Thus, we posted a loss from revaluation of stock of approximately 380 billion yen for mainly unrecoverable shares from these three firms. Due to the posting of this current valuation loss, nonconsolidated retained earnings were negative and we deeply regret that we will not be paying year-end dividends.

Only interim dividends (at 5 yen per share) will be paid for the fiscal year under review.

Equity Shareholdings by Type of Shareholder (as of March 31, 2013)

The 118,892 thousand shares of Fujitsu Ltd. stock held by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries as retirement benefit trust assets are categorized under the shareholdings of "Other Japanese Corporations."

Communicating with Shareholders and Investors

We are actively involved in IR activities in Japan and abroad, including holding briefing sessions for institutional investors and securities analysts, responding to individual requests from investors, visiting Japanese and international investors, and transmitting information through the Fujitsu website as part of our efforts to improve communications with all our investors.

We also disseminate press releases, providing information through the media to individual investors and the public at large as part of our active efforts to ensure fair disclosure.

The Annual Shareholders' Meeting is taken as an opportunity to improve communications with all our shareholders, for example by displaying our products so as to increase understanding of Fujitsu. We also carry out questionnaire surveys of opinions of our Annual Shareholders' Meeting, and the results are used to improve subsequent meetings.

A Variety of Meetings for the Investor Community, both in Japan and Overseas

In addition to briefings on financial results, we provide a variety of briefings on management policy and business targeted at institutional investors and securities analysts in Japan.

For institutional investors outside Japan, we hold road shows (explanatory meetings for investors) regularly in Europe and North America, and local staff members also visit investors individually. In FY 2012, we held about 970 meetings for institutional investors and securities analysts (56% of them outside Japan and 44% within Japan).

Communicating with Individual Shareholders and Investors

We prepare and send out interim and year-end financial reports for individual shareholders and investors. We promptly disclose IR materials used at analyst briefings and materials and images from presentations of financial results, utilizing PDF files and streaming technology.

When we report interim dividends, we also carry out a questionnaire survey to derive feedback from a wide range of shareholders and investors. This feedback is used as a reference for various measures.

Publication on IR websites

Fujitsu publishes information that we would like our shareholders and investors to know on our Japanese and global IR websites. Data from briefings held in Japan is also translated into English and posted on our global IR site.

We also use our IR websites for information disclosure and communication to deepen people's understanding of Fujitsu through IR activities, such as early public release of proposals submitted at shareholders' meetings. Actions we took in FY 2012 included adding the ability to change font size and posting Web versions of our annual reports as well as the "How to Use Our IR Site" handbook for Internet beginners.

Main Results of IR Activities in FY 2012