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Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management

Efforts to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

Based on the Corporate Values of the Fujitsu Way, we work to ensure the safety of employees by providing work environments where people can work in safety and comfort.

In Japan, management and labor have jointly established a Central Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which meets annually, and a direction has been established for all companies to follow regarding occupational health and safety. The occupational health and safety management organizations at individual business sites hold monthly meetings of their Occupational Health and Safety committees. These committees establish directions for the unique characteristics of the business site, based on company-wide directions, and work to create safe, healthy workplaces. Each business site's occupational health and safety management organization also performs workplace inspection tours and takes other steps to check for and rectify dangerous locations and factors that may impair health, while conducting risk assessments.

In FY 2012, individual business sites undertook safety and health education, and other measures, to help prevent accidents due to falls.

We will continue to promote health and safety education and training that match the characteristics of each workplace to create a workplace environment in which all our employees can work confidently in safety and comfort.

Frequency of Industrial Accidents (Fujitsu Limited)

Building a Culture Where Employees Can Work Confidently and Positively Through Efforts to Maintain and Enhance Health

The Fujitsu Group, in order to create environments where each individual employee can confidently and positively engage in his/her work, is undertaking activities that seek to maintain or enhance the health of employees and their families, and elevate health literacy (knowledge of health-related matters).

Health enhancement activities are held for all employees, so that health management investments are apportioned not only to employees requiring medical care but also employees who are healthy. Health consultations are conducted for individual employees to help prevent lifestyle-related and mental illnesses, and targeted education and health talks are held to enhance health. Our activities, however, go beyond such individual self-care support and include organizational stress tests for boosting productivity, and activities aimed at supporting improvements in workplace environments.

In support of employee health, each business site has established a health promotion center or health care center to provide physical or mental health counseling and other services to employees requiring them. Eligibility for health support services includes not only employees and their families but also retirees.

Health Management and Enhancement Initiatives

Implementing Health Checkups

The Fujitsu Group conducts regular health checkups, checkups for lifestyle-related illnesses, special health examinations, and physical examinations for employees putting in significant amounts of overtime. Results are made available to employees via a system they can access from their own desk as an added measure to encourage self-management of personal health.

Activities aimed at early detection of diseases are undertaken in collaboration with the Fujitsu Health Insurance Organization, and a subsidy system has been created to help defray costs related to gynecological and obstetric examinations, and simple brain and lung checkups.

Rate of Periodic Checkups (under age 40, excl. age 35)

Rate of Chronic Illness Checkups (age 30, 35 and above 40)

Efforts to Enhance Health and Fostering a Self-Care Mindset

To help ensure that health-related investments extend to all employees, the Fujitsu Group pursues health enhancement activities and works to foster a self-care mindset to improve employee health.

As part of this effort, we hold walk rallies and other health promotion activities in which all employees can participate, healthy lunch seminars and other dietary education activities, activities aimed at helping employees stop smoking, women's health education activities, and other activities as well.

Specified Health Examination and Specified Health Guidance Initiatives

We are working with the Fujitsu Health Insurance Organization to educate employees on matters like the need for special health guidance to encourage greater use of the Specified Health Examination and Specified Health Guidance services (testing for metabolic syndrome) we introduced in FY 2008 to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. In addition, we provide health guidance in collaboration with Best Life Promotion Ltd., a Group company established in 2007 to strengthen health support for Fujitsu Group employees and their families.

Mental Health Services

Having appointed an in-house mental health counselor at an early stage, Fujitsu provides mental health counseling services to employees. In FY 2012, 10 counselors traveled to individual business sites to attend to the mental health care needs of employees. Self care has been enhanced through measures such as stress tests for all employees. Based on the stress test results, we also conduct organizational stress tests of each division, in an effort to support activities to improve work environments.

Adding to the above, we have created various opportunities for mental health education. Examples include mental health care in business lines, such as workplace management training for executive employees, and training for newly appointed executive employees, training for new recruits, and leadership training. Other activities include self care-based training programs.

On another front, the Fujitsu Health Insurance Organization offers physical and mental health phone counseling services provided by outside organizations to all covered employees.

Initiatives for Enhancing Work Engagement

The Fujitsu Group began in FY 2012 to use a stress test tool developed in-house to supplement traditional stress test questions with questions related to lifestyle and work engagement (realizing increases in vitality through work). The purpose of this tool is to provide data for analyzing issues for future health measures.

Advice on organizational stress tests was received from professors at the University of Tokyo, and, with feedback combining work engagement and stress test results, we worked with not only our industrial health staff but also our human resources organization to enhance work engagement and invigorate workplaces.

Stress diagnosis checksheet
Stress diagnosis checksheet

Fujitsu Clinic

Fujitsu Clinic Fujitsu Clinic

Fujitsu Clinic

The Fujitsu Clinic was established as a medical clinic in 1944 on the premises of Fujitsu's Kawasaki Plant, for the purpose of providing medical treatment and health management services to employees and their families.

To answer the demand for community healthcare, the Fujitsu Clinic also provides medical treatment to local residents.
In recent years, Japan has seen a shift in the composition of diseases from acute to chronic diseases.

Accordingly, to help address the onset of lifestyle-related diseases, the Fujitsu Clinic has installed cutting-edge medical devices, such as CT and MRI equipment, capable of highly precise medical imaging. Through this measure, the Fujitsu Clinic has worked to enhance the prevention and early detection of lifestyle-related diseases, providing support for the earliest possible restoration of health.

Furthermore, the Fujitsu Health Management Center has been established adjacent to the Fujitsu Clinic as a health checkup facility for employees. The center conducts various health checkups for current and retired employees of Fujitsu Limited and the rest of the Fujitsu Group in the Keihin region (about 30,000 people a year).