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Approach to Social Contribution Activities

ICT for Everyone, Challenges, Community Engagement, Environment

The Fujitsu Group will create new value and knowledge together with our customers, communities, and people worldwide through ICT, and contribute to sustainable development for the earth and society to achieve a prosperous future where people's dreams are fulfilled.

Fujitsu engages in social contribution activities together with a wide range of stakeholders and bases those activities on four pillars: ICT for Everyone, Support for Challenges, Community Engagement and Environment.

In order to energize our social contribution activities and share best practices, we are building and have made viewable a record of our activities on our internal system. We have also put in place an internal evaluation system for social contribution activities conducted using this database and are working towards implementation in FY 2013.

Volunteer Activity Support System

Fujitsu has established the following programs for supporting volunteer activities undertaken by employees.

  • System of leave of absence for participation in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers or Senior Overseas Volunteer: up to three years
  • Accumulated leave: Five days paid leave per year, can be accumulated up to twenty days (to be used for specified purposes including volunteer work)