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Example Activities in Japan and Overseas

The following are examples of Fujitsu Group company activities worldwide.

Examples of Social Contribution Activities in Japan

Computer Training Sessions at Temporary Housing in Area Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
NIFTY Corporation

Community Engagement
ICT for Everyone

Computer training session held with support from local middle school students Computer training session held with support from local middle school students

NIFTY has created a place where the Internet can be accessed at any time at an assembly hall inside temporary housing in Yamamotocho in Miyagi Prefecture. The company has also given its support to the Yamamoto ICT Community College plan and conducted computer training sessions in conjunction with the Society of Socio-Informatics. Session participants were able to, for example, access information about reconstruction plans, learn how to make greetings cards, and use social networking services to disseminate information. Local middle school students acted as instructor assistants in an effort to create a truly multigenerational exchange opportunity.

The Fujitsu Group continues to help revitalize local communities by enabling people living in temporary housing and other places of refuge to use ICT to keep in touch with friends and family in faraway places.

Helping to Promote Tourism Using Open Data between Public and Private Organizations
Fujitsu Systems East Limited

Community Engagement
ICT for Everyone

Tour route information service for Aomori Prefecture Tour route information service for Aomori Prefecture

Recent years have seen more people traveling on their own, which has led to a greater demand for information about how to better enjoy a region and the little-known attractions it may hold, rather than just the most famous spots.

Fujitsu Systems East Limited has formed a non-commercial public/private partnership agreement with Aomori Prefecture. One aspect of the partnership involves tourism information held by public institutions being put on Fujitsu's "Tourism Cloud" as open data and being made available on Aomori Prefecture's tourism site for those looking for tour route information. As of May 2013, data has been provided to 30 tourism sites in the Prefecture as Fujitsu continues to help travelers plan their trips and to help the local communities disseminate tourism information.

Going forward, the Fujitsu Group will be further developing tourism through public/private partnership as we make the most of open data.

Helping Resolve Issues in Communities with Participation from Local Citizens
Fujitsu Limited

Community Engagement
ICT for Everyone

Citizen Journalist Development Course Citizen Journalist Development Course

Nagoya City aims to resolve local issues by improving its citizens' ability to utilize ICT and the consequent furthering of civic participation.

Fujitsu has recently taken part in the Citizen Journalist Development Project led by Nagoya City. As part of the project, Fujitsu held a Citizen Journalist Development Course where participants learned about information gathering and dissemination methods using ICT.

The advance of social networks has resulted in a dramatic rise in people's ability to gather and disseminate information, and innovation coming out of working and creating together using networks is creating new opportunities in a variety of aspects in daily life. Using ICT, Fujitsu will continue to help resolve local issues and advance peoples' skills.

Bolstering Support for NGOs by Building the "Fundraising Management System to Support NGOs"
Fujitsu Systems East Limited

ICT for Everyone

JANIC staff JANIC staff

The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), which tackles issues involving poverty around the world, was looking to expand its operations by automating various kinds of office work conventionally done manually.

To this end, Fujitsu Systems East Limited built the "Fundraising Management System to Support NGOs" for JANIC, increasing work productivity by automating calculations and the distribution of notices and contributing to an increase in the number of JANIC's supporters.

The Fujitsu Group will continue to provide support in enhancing social contribution activities by strengthening NPOs' and NGOs' operational basis through ICT.

Examples of Social Contribution Activities Overseas

Manpower and Technology Support in Thailand Flood Recovery Efforts
Fujitsu Limited

Community Engagement

The floods that occurred throughout Thailand in October 2011 did some 3.5 trillion yen of damage. Even in March 2012, six months after the disaster, factories were only back to 70% operational capacity. It was a major blow to life in the country and to business supply chains.

Confronting the crisis head-on, Fujitsu dispatched 14 people from Japan who had helped with recovery efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake to reinforce 50 local field engineers already at work. We helped with maintenance and recovery at 294 companies through efforts that included providing data centers and servers free of charge to affected companies and managing the recovery status of customers' systems using cloud computing.

In the future, Fujitsu will continue to leverage the power of ICT to help get affected areas back on their feet.

Thailand during the floods

Charity Partnership with a Homeless Support Organization
The UK: Fujitsu UK and Ireland

Community Engagement

Celebrating at a charity event for Shelter with London's mayor Celebrating at a charity event for Shelter with London's mayor

The current economic climate is increasingly forcing people to seek support and advice losing their homes. In the UK, with a 25% increase in the number of people without a stable residence over the past three years, this is truly a critical time for the housing charity.

Fujitsu has undertaken a two year partnership with the UK's leading housing and homelessness charity, Shelter. Fujitsu's support will allow Shelter to better achieve its ambitious three-year strategy, which aims to help more people in need than ever before. Fujitsu's core expertise in ICT enable us to make the partnership about more than just money, and a key objective in our joint strategy is focused on our ability to help increase the capacity of Shelter's website and helpline, as well as bringing digital capabilities to the Shelter shop network.