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Consumer PCBs Overview

Sophic Circuit

Company Profile

Shenzhen Sophic Circuits Co.,Ltd was established in 2002 in Shenzhen. They focus on high mix, low/medium volume and quick turn service. With a special market position and excellent corporate culture, Sophic has been gradually growing up to a group who can provide “One-stop” service from 2 to 30 layers of PCB products in 2 plants: Huizhou and Sichuan. They have rich experiences in multilayer boards, thick copper boards, high temperature boards, high frequency boards and Aluminum boards. The annual production capacity is 25000 square meters with various 2000 items per month. Seventy percent of their products are exported to Europe, North America, Japan and other Pacific countries which are widely applied in communication, industry control, medical instrument, security electronics, aerospace etc.

Sophic Circuits has more than 400 employees and have professional management in PCB design and manufacturing. With certified UL E339981, ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949, their products' quality is consistent with European RoHs command, American IPC-A-600G Class 2 standard.

Since the establishment of the company, Sophic circuit has been aiming at providing the best and fastest service for the continuous innovation of electronic industry, adhering to the "market-oriented, quality-centered" purpose, and also they are committed to becoming the solution provider which has a leading position and own all kinds of special material of PCB.


With Sophic as a partner we can offer the services of a "Quick" famous Printed Circuit board manufacturer. Quick quotes, fast response, quick turn PCB production etc. Yes, quick to meet your needs.

Sophic is located in Guangdong of China, the world's Printed Circuit Board manufacturing center. There are a large number of experienced PCB technicians and perfect supply chain. With this perfect environment, the rest of the world cannot compare with a congenital condition.

Sophic continued optimizing production processes and improve productivity, to provide customers the lowest possible price, High Quality Printed Circuit Boards. We strongly believe that attention to detail and cooperating with customers to get the WIN-WIN.

Sophic's mission of providing High-Tech and High-Quality Circuit boards to global customers at low market price, allowing customers to experience the Chinese printed circuit board manufacturer of World-class Printed Circuit Board Products and Full Services.

WIN-WIN Philosophy
Whether you are a novice or expert in Printed Circuit Board Industry, the Sophic staff with decades of experience in Printed Circuit Board Industry will provide you with high quality at the lowest possible price. We strongly believe that attention to detail and customer service work together to prevent problems and reduce costs.

Commitment to Service
The commitment to customer service and quality is integrated into Sophic’s management methods. Sophic's entire staff, from our program managers and skilled engineers to our PCB manufacturing plant workers, is trained to understand customer requirements and how to work efficiently to reduce cost.