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High-volume, high-speed LTO Ultrium tape format

LTO Ultrium is a high-volume, high-speed tape format based on LTO (Linear Tape-Open) technology co-developed by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Quantum.
ETERNUS LT series employs the LTO Ultrium format, and shares its future road map of ten generations of enhancement in both transfer rates and storage capacity. This ensures ETERNUS LT series tape library investment will keep pace with future data growth.


The currently published LTO Ultrium technology roadmap shows enhancement up to Ultrium 10 (the tenth generation). Ultrium 10 will provide a maximum capacity of 120TB(compressed) and a maximum transfer rate of 2750MB/sec(compressed). LTO Ultrium technology enables ETERNUS LT series to keep on protecting important corporate assets long into the future, while ensuring compatibility with higher-specification devices.

LTO Roadmap

LTO Ultrium format

  • As a 1/2 inch tape cartridge, LTO Ultrium tape cartridges provide the highest in storage density.
  • Ultrium 1 provides 384 tracks and Ultrium 2 provides 512 tracks in total.
  • All data written with the Ultrium tape drive is compatible with Ultrium tape drives from other vendors.

High Performance - Ultrium tape drive

  • Ultrium 1 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 30MB/sec (*Note 1)
  • Ultrium 2 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 70MB/sec (*Note 1)
  • Ultrium 3 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 160MB/sec (*Note 1)
  • Ultrium 4 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 240MB/sec (*Note 1)
  • Ultrium 5 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 280MB/sec (*Note 1)
  • Ultrium 6 tape drive provides a data transfer rate of 400MB/sec (2.5:1 compressed)

*Note 1 : Each rate is 2:1 compressed.

High Capacity - Ultrium tape cartridge

  • One Ultrium 1 tape cartridge can store 200GB data (compressed) in 384 tracks.
  • One Ultrium 2 tape cartridge can store 400GB data (compressed) in 512 tracks.
  • One Ultrium 3 tape cartridge can store 800GB data (compressed) in 704 tracks.
  • One Ultrium 4 tape cartridge can store 1.6TB data (compressed) in 896 tracks.
  • One Ultrium 5 tape cartridge can store 3.0TB data (compressed) in 1,280 tracks.
  • One Ultrium 6 tape cartridge can store 6.25TB data (compressed) in 2,176 tracks.
  • A non-contacting memory chip (EEPROM), called LTO-CM is embedded in the LTO Ultrium tape cartridge.

High Reliability

  • Accurate tape insertion for improved reliability - Tape Thread Mechanism
  • Efficient data transfer - Adaptive Tape Speed (ATS)
  • Automatic error correction - Error Correcting Code (ECC)
  • Ultrium 3 supports WORM
  • Ultrium 4 supports data encryption
  • Ultrium 5 provides partitioning function

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries LT20 S2, LT40 S2, LT60 S2, LT260, LT270 S2, LT250, LT270

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