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  5. Sultan Qaboos University Hospital revamps doctors’ toolkit and revitalizes patient care

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital revamps doctors’ toolkit and revitalizes patient care

"With Fujitsu’s solution, instead of spending a whole day dealing with a single request, now it can be closed within few minutes, all from one central console. The headaches we used to suffer are a thing of the past."

Mr. Bader Al Kiyumi Deputy Director, Technical Support and Networks, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

The Customer

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital is committed to provide teaching, research and patient-centred care in an environment that supports continuous improvements. It employs approximately 2,258 medical professionals and treated more than 380,000 patients in 2011.

The Challenge

Transformation of the platform running core medical software and services, using virtualization to enhance management, performance and efficiency of the hospital datacenter. This ultimately led to a measurable improvement in doctor efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The Solution

The existing fragmented IT environment was replaced with new hardware and a 50-strong virtual server fleet. The environment is managed centrally, enabling administrators to respond faster to user requests and ensure system downtime is kept to a minimum.


  • BS2000 Mainframes
  • Storage
  • Client-Computing-Geräte
  • Peripheriegeräte
  • Software
  • Online Shop


  • Fujitsu Cloud
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Fujitsu Product Support Services


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